Sunday, January 6, 2013


     Yesterday I spent some time catching up on blog-reading.  I'd fallen way behind again.  Along the way I was browsing through Hooked on Houses (its on my blog list over there in the sidebar).  I can't recall how I stumbled upon that website, but its kind of fun to look through the celebrity houses shown there.  Actually, ever since I was a kid I've loved looking at houses.  Back in grade school and junior high, I even drew houseplans, probably inspired by the ones I'd look at in the newspaper each week.  In 8th grade, I was absolutely thrilled one time when our math assignment was to draw up a houseplan!  I got an A+.
     One of the celebrity houses I looked at yesterday belonged to Daryl Hall of the singing duo Hall & Oates.  CLICK HERE to see the house, a restored Revolutionary War Era Colonial.  Also on that page is a link to a site called Live From Daryl's House which features music video-recorded at his home.  Check that out HERE if you are a fan of his music.  (Obviously, I must be one.)  Besides his own singing, he hosts many other singers there, too.

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