Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Another Trip

     For our 5th wedding anniversary, in the summer of 1983, my husband and I took a trip to The Apostle Islands which are located in Lake Superior on the north shore of Wisconsin.  I had read an article about them in Midwest Living magazine and told my husband about it and we decided to go there.  Advance reservations were required for an excursion boat ride so I made a phone call to find out which one was available the day we would be there.  It was the one to Raspberry Island, which has this lighthouse, built in 1862:

     I remember the boat departed from the town of Bayfield.  Here's a shot from somewhere amongst the islands:

     We had only a couple days to be gone so alot of the time was spent driving up there and back again, but all in all it was a fun trip.


DesertHen said...

There is something about that top photo. It's as if you expect the lighthouse caretaker to step through the door and stand on the porch or steps. Even though the photo was taken long ago, it looks as if it was taken recently.

Leave It To Davis said...

That is the coolest lighthouse ever! I never saw one that actually looked like a house, much less a duplex, with a light on top! Built in 1862! I wonder if it is still standing!