Monday, February 12, 2007

Initial Blog Post

This blog will contain thoughts from me, a lifelong farm girl, now experiencing the ups and downs of midlife. Husband is a dairy farmer. We have four children, one launched in a career, one in college, two in high school. The empty nest looms.

I don't know much about blogs. Maybe this one will be read by very few people. Which will pretty much reflect my life situation.......isolated and known by few. Most of the time, that is fine with me, as I tend to have hermit tendencies, anyway.

The name for this blog came to me about an hour ago when I was out helping Husband sort steers to sell. Whenever he announces, "We need to go sort steers", I cringe inside, for you never know how its going to go. Will the steers cooperate? Will one of them decide to run me over, finally. You just never know. So with a barn scraper as a weapon, I marched once again into the midst of steer sorting. As I waited for Husband to open and shut the maze of metal gates leading to the steer pen, I tried to think of a name for this blog. I happened to be standing under a light pole, and am also at midlife age, so the words "Midlife by Farmlight" came to mind.
The steer sorting went fine. Husband and I and our three dogs managed to guide three big guys through the snowy barnyard and into the stock trailer. Fortunately, the fresh snow was not too slippery, and all went well.

This above paragraph is an example of what this blog will contain. Just everyday occurences on our midwest dairy farm. As a farm wife and person in general, I am not very ambitious or motivated. Most days I do well to just get calves fed, laundry caught up, and some semblance of meals prepared. An off-the-farm career would be beyond my comprehension or energy level.

That's all for now, as I need to go to a basketball game.


Kat Mortensen said...

Okay, so you had no comments on this when you started, but look how far you've come! You are an awesome woman, mother, farmer, writer, observer, photographer and friend! I hope you blog for many years (into your dotage). And I hope I'll be blogging right along with you!



Jeannelle said...

Hi, Poetikat,

Thank you for taking time to read this first blog post!

Your comments are very kind and thoughtful....they warm my heart. Yes, I hope we both will keep blogging into our dotage....that's a word I don't hear very often, but we're all headed that direction, aren't we!

Happy Blogging!