Friday, January 25, 2008

Let's Talk COLD!

When I ran outside with the camera yesterday afternoon, this was the only half-way interesting photo subject I could find in the few seconds I managed to tolerate the minus twenty degree air. Wow, sculptured snow hanging over a shed roof.

The current cold snap we're experiencing is the most intense and long-lasting one we've had in many years. Husband quipped that if anyone is of the mind to commit suicide, they should just go stand outdoors without a coat for a few minutes and they would be successful.

Car trouble is another occurrence you wouldn't want in this bitter cold out here in the rural areas. Or a car accident.....even if you were only slightly injured, you would probably freeze to death before help arrived. In this sort of weather, cell phones can truly be life-savers! For me, staying home is the absolute best thing to do. And I'm anxious and praying each evening until our son gets home safely from his school activities.

In the previous post, I mentioned that I was showing my blog to my mom. It may have alarmed her----I'm not sure. She's a bit frightened of the internet and probably worried that I'll meet up with a predator or something. I tried to convince her to let me help her set up blog of her own where she could post poetry and stories. She could allow only family members to read it if she wished, I informed her, but even so, she seemed leery of the idea. Over the years, she has told us many tales from her childhood and teenage years, and it would be nice if she would write them down so all the details are included. Hopefully, she will think about doing that soon.

Speaking of parents, it has been a watershed event in our lives to empty out Father-in-Law's house. Clearing out a house is a major operation, and serves to remind me that one of my own goals in life from now on should be to whittle down the amount of stuff in my own house!

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nannykim said...

yes--it has even been very cold (for us ;-0 ) here--in the 20's. This year we have gotten use out of our fireplaces! You should convince your mom to set up a blog!!