Monday, January 21, 2008

A New Old Clock

Doesn't this kitty resemble Santa Claus with a big, white beard!

After chores last night, Husband started telling me about the items he chose at his dad's house. What do you know.......he did get the crockery items mentioned in the previous post. And something rather unexpected.....his great-grandparents' antique clock. I was dumbfounded, because I was sure the antique-loving brother would choose it. Husband said they drew numbers to decide the choosing order. They started with the large furniture items and appliances. Husband first choice was a practical one-----a freezer. The antiquer brother chose the old oak kitchen table and chairs. Another brother chose the china hutch, another the washer & dryer, another a bedroom set, and another the sofa and recliner.
After the large items, the brothers proceeded to things like a converted gas lamp, side tables, and Husband then noticed that the clock had not been chosen yet, so he nabbed it for his next choice. I'm quite sure the antique-loving brother wanted it, but must have forgotten about it in the commotion of the day. The day after Father-in-Law died, one of the first things this brother did was take the clock off its shelf in the kitchen and put it down on the floor in the living room, saying he thought it would be safer there, so I know he wanted it. Well......that's the way it goes. It was all done fairly.
Actually, I've always thought the clock was rather ugly, but now that its here in our house, I'll get used to it. As Husband says, the clock seems to have a mind of its own.......maybe its will randomly start ticking whenever it wants to and then faithfully chimes the hours and dings on the half hour. Inside the back panel someone wrote that it was cleaned in 1967 and 1989. As I said, it belonged to Husband's great-grandparents, who were married in 1905. Maybe I can put one of their photos with the clock.....they are a fascinating pair, both quite tall, he dapper with a moustache, and she kindly-looking with an amused twinkle in her eye. He was a butter-maker, and she a homemaker, of course. I wish I could have known them. Some couples from back then look so stern and serious, but not these two.
Oh me, oh my. I put a long comment on the DarkMyRoad website. He's a Lutheran pastor who struggles with depression and his posts are very interesting and helpful. But, I think my comment was way too long.
Also, I checked the "rhymes with plague" blog. His writing is so impressive!! He 's not afraid to use lengthy sentences. On his profile, "Field of Dreams" is listed as his favorite movie, so I commented that the farm where that was filmed is near Dyersville, about an hour from where I live. Its a tourist site now, called "Field of Dreams", of course, and I've been there several times with my kids' school trips. There's not alot to do there, just walk around and look at the ballfield, take pictures of the house and barn, and browse in the souvenir shops (there were always two shops due to the movie site straddling two farms.....I heard they consolidated into one now, though). The highlight of the visit would be the schoolkids playing a game of kickball on the baseball field.
After posting those comments, I stirred up a batch of cinnamon roll dough, which is raising in the oven right now. Soon it will be time to flatten it out, sprinkle on the sugar and cinnamon, roll it up, slice it, let the slices raise, and then bake them. Usually, this time of year, I get in the roll-making mood which last for a couple of months. No one seems to mind.
No school today in honor of Martin Luther King Day. Son is supposed to have a make-up basketball game tonight, 2 hours away. But, that's iffy since it snowed all morning, but I haven't been listening to the news for the cancellations. Son and Husband are at his dad's house again for more packing of items-----three of the brothers are there again, also. They've been having a great time, playing practical jokes on each other, stuffing each other's pickups with junky stuff like tupperware and other what-nots from the house. They all get along quite well......maybe that's normal for a family of boys.


nannykim said...

That was an interesting way to make choices of your father-in-law's things. I would love to see a photo of the clock!! We have an old clock, that likewise has been in the family since who knows how long. I got one and my brother got another. They are both very different. I brought mine to a clock repair guy about 4 years ago and it is working, but I now have to wind it about every day!! It has a nice tic tock and a mellow ring to it. Does yours say where it was made? Mine was made by the ansonia clock company in New York. Mine belonged to my Great Aunt.

That was funny about sticking funky stuff in the back of each others' vehicles!

Jeannelle said...


I'll try to post a photo of the clock soon. I can find no name on it, but there is an E in a circle on the bottom. Yes, it tic-tocs very nicely, and the chime is a mellow chord sound. I just can't figure out why it is running, because no one has wound it.

I just found out the brothers had stuffed the washer and dryer full of nonsense items......tonight they phoned the brother who got them to ask how his wife liked all her extra gifts! Such a bunch of jokers.