Friday, July 24, 2009

Deer in the Oats

July 22nd 031

Here’s the deer that ambled across the newly-cut field of oats last evening……

July 22nd 040 (2) She gave no indication of being in a hurry.  Obviously, she was unaware of my presence, and the dogs hadn’t spotted her, either.

July 22nd 047

She strolled up to the wall of cornstalks and disappeared therein……

July 22nd 053 (2) *

A few minutes later, Husband and I left home to go out to eat for our anniversary.  A little ways down the gravel road, we spotted a Great Horned Owl sitting on top of an electric pole!  Oh, golly…..I haven’t seen one of those in years!  I could have gotten a picture of it if only we would have slowed to a stop right away!  But, alas, Husband’s photo-hunting instincts are not nearly as pronounced as mine---actually, his are nonexistent---and our vehicle was way past the owl before he decided to brake and back up.  By then, the owl had flown away.  Drat.


Our daughter and her husband had kindly sent us a gift certificate to Applebee’s, so that was our intended dining destination.  First of all, however, we needed to stop at a relative’s house to drop a package off.  And, oh, boy, they had just returned from a trip to Chicago and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, and had a stack of photos sitting on the table.  Husband and I couldn’t pass up the chance to look through them;  we’re always interested in seeing sights from other areas.

We saw scenes from atop The Willis Tower in Chicago (formerly The Sears Tower)……..taken from the new glass skydecks.  Wow!  We also saw lighthouses along the eastern shore of Lake Michigan….the Mackinac Bridge…..and the Soo Locks at Sault Ste. Marie.  Another very interesting set of photos was from the Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum at Whitefish Bay.  Haha……that prompted me to hum The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald for the rest of the evening!

Needless to say, by the time we got to Waterloo, Applebee’s was closed.  (Pout)  We scanned SanMarNan Ave. and decided to go to IHOP.  It was fine; my spinach-mushroom omelet tasted good and Husband seemed contented with his Tuscan chicken sandwich…..and half of my omelet.

  While waiting for our food to arrive, we sat there staring across the table at each other.  I finally said, “Well, what do you have to say after 31 years of marriage?”  Typically, Husband answered by asking me the same question!  I replied, “Well, you are still the best-looking guy I know of.”  And, that is the truth.  He has the perfect build, a head of thick wavy hair, and nary a speck of fat……just the same as back in high school.  Sheesh.  Sometimes a person like that can be really depressing to live with.  I can’t possibly post photos of him on the blog……female readers might swoon, hit their heads and be knocked unconscious, and I might get sued.


Have a great day!



Gail said...

So a deer and a dear reside on your farm!

Sempringham said...

Chicagoans are determined not to call it the Willis Tower. Sears built it, and it will always be the Sears Tower here. Whatever you do, don't ask directions to the "Willis" Tower. Buying the "naming rights" is viewed as vain and arrogant. Should Paris sell naming rights to the Eiffel Tower to Pepsi-Cola?

Ah, don't get me started.

Were the deer pictures taken from the top of the barn? A second story window? A hot air balloon?

Anonymous said...

Great deer pic in the field, especially the first one in the golden oats.

Still swoon and faint at my own hubby quite often. :-) Men do that to us, don't they.... lol

The Blue Ridge Gal

sjm said...

Ah, Whitefish Bay ... a favorite spot for Sempringham and I!

Leenie said...

So where were you that you could get the spy cam pic of the deer--up in the barn with the swallows again? (missed an owl shot myself last week--yeah, drat). Glad your hunny took you for a night out. Any break from routines is usually a good one. Fun post! Keep on bloggin'

Caution/Lisa said...

We went to IHOP for our anniversary a couple of years ago. (We share our anniversary with our third child's birthday.) At first, I said IHOP was okay, then I got a little upset about it. Now it's a pretty good family story. Maybe I should have ordered an omelet.

Add me to the list of people who want to know where you were when you got those deer pix.

Pat - Arkansas said...

I'm convinced that you have mastered the art of levitation; that's how you get those great "aerial" views. Great photos, J.

Sorry Applebee's was closed, but anywhere you are with your sweetie of 31 years (who can still knock your socks off) is a good place.

A belated Happy Anniversary.

Gigi Ann said...

Some times memories are made when we least expect them in funny ways, You will always remember Hubby taking you to IHOP's for your 31st anniversary celebration, but Appleby's just another ordinary meal out. But IHOP'S now that's a night to remember!

The one anniversary that my husband and I remember more than any other, (we always went out for dinner also) was we both decided on a nice "Club Salad" for some reason. Maybe we had to much lunch, I don't know. But when the nice "Club Salad" arrived it consisted of a plate of lettuce. We just looked at each other in shock. We told the waitress we ordered a "Club Salad" She said that is a "Club Salad", but we knew better, because we had eaten that "Club Salad" many times in that restaurant. I think the waitress was young and lazy, but whatever the reason, my husband said," could we have some tomatoes, celery, onions, ham, chicken, bacon, boiled egg, cheese and dressing as a side dish." She looked at us like we were nuts, and said we don't have any tomatoes... We have never forgot that anniversary. hahaha.

Anonymous said...

Tell me about rude deer! lol. We had one the other night wander up and nearly look in the window! The dogs were asleep on the floor.

I've been across the Mackinaw Bridge more than once, and been to the Island. Grand places. I hate driving across bridges though.

Your pictures are just so fun jeannelle, I love seeing them always.

Nancy said...

I missed a hummingbird in my backyard yesterday. Deer are regular visitors and just turn and look when I try to chase them away. I have to run and clap to get them to leave my flowers alone. I'm glad you got to go out for your anniversary. In my book any meal you don't have to cook yourself is great! You'll get to save Applebee's for another time.

Evansmom said...

Love the photos. Just beautiful. The black and white one is stunning. Thanks, as always, for sharing. Sign me up for one of your books when you publish it.

Happy Anniversary. It sounds like you had a good time. I personally love IHOP.

Enjoy your weekend.

Jeannelle said...

Hi, Gail,

Yes, very true and clever of you to think of that!


Hi, Sempringham,

So, you mean there were "naming rights" that went along with the sale of the tower?

And, haha about the hot air balloon! Yeah, I have one on standby here on the farm! The dear deer was caught simply with my pathetic little camera's zoom lens.


Hi, Blue Ridge Gal,

Oh, please do be careful with that swooning and fainting!! Thank you for the kind words about the photo.


Hi, sjm,

Whitefish Bay sounds like a wonderful place and its now on my radar as a place I'd like to visit.


Hi, Leenie,

Haha....up with the swallows! No, I was simply standing next to the field, though somewhat uphill from where the deer was. Sorry to hear you missed an owl shot, too. I so seldom see one, and was really kicking myself over missing the one last night.


Hi, Caution Flag,

Oh, funny that everyone wonders where the photos were taken from! Nothing exciting....just standing on the ground by the field.

And, glad to hear of someone else eating at IHOP on an anniversary....and a birthday! How cool is that! Your son must be thrilled about it, right!


Hi, Pat,

"Levitation"!! Oh, my! If only! Thank you for the anniversary wishes!


Hi, Gramma Ann,

Oh, cute story about the Club Salads without the club fixings! What a ding-a-ling waitress, but as you say, a fun memory to have!


Hi, Sherry,

Thank you for stopping by! That's neat you've visited the sounds like a wonderful place. I think, too, that I might feel funny driving over such a long bridge.

Glad to hear the deer didn't try to jump through your window....they do that sometimes, I've heard. They never wander that close to our house, thank goodness.


Hi, Nancy,

You are absolutely correct that any meal we don't have to fix is a treat!

Sorry to hear you missed a hummingbird photo....they are a rare sight around here, too. The deer in your neighborhood sound quite tame! You can keep 'em there....I probably prefer them more on the wild side.


Hi, evansmom,

Actually, I do like IHOP, for I love omelets and pancakes! Thank you for your very kind words about the photos! The graphics of the cut oat field just called out for black and white, I thought.


Mary Humphrey said...

That is one healthy looking doe. Her body is full and her coat shines.

Happy Anniversary!

Anonymous said...

That is one healthy looking doe. Her body is full and her coat shines.

Happy Anniversary!

rhymeswithplague said...

She strode up to the wall of cornstalks and disappeared therein..."

Just like James Earl Jones in Field of Dreams!

One year we came in from our anniversary dinner excursion and learned that Jacqueline Kennedy had died.

Gigi Ann said...

Hi Jeannelle, How was the weather up your way today. The weather map looked like you got some pretty nasty weather. Did you? I hope not. There is a storm moving in here right now. I don't know what is in store for the night. Hope all is well in your neck of the country.


Country Girl said...

Oh, my gosh that's hilarious!! I, too, live with someone with nary a speck of fat. It's maddening.

And that was such a sweet ending to this post. Happy belated anniversary!

Anonymous said...

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