Monday, April 16, 2012

Trying Textures

Nancy from A Rural Journal has started a new blog containing textures.  I decided to try this one called denim fade:

Copy of Apr 15 (15) denim fade texture copy Here is the original photo:

Copy of Apr 15 (15)

I took a photo of the side of a barrel and then lightened it and removed a few spots so I could try using it as a texture:

with barrel texture Here’s the barrel texture if you want to save it to use:

 Copy of DSC_0005

Here’s how I apply textures using Photoshop Elements 6:

Open the texture photo in PS.  Then open the photo you want to add the texture to.  Drag the texture photo up onto the first photo.  Stretch it to fit.  Over on the right of the PS page, click the button under the word “layers”.  In the box that opens, click “normal”.  Click the “layers” button again and choose “overlay” which will apply the texture.  So far that’s all I know about texturing.


Nancy said...

Good for you Janelle! I love what you did with the textures. Isn't it fun -- warning, thought, it's addictive. :)

Anonymous said...

I do like the way it looks. I have tried some in pixlr, but I've not done anything in Photoshop. With your information here, I might just try it. Thanks!