Tuesday, February 13, 2007

High School Basketball Games

Yesterday I mentioned going to a basketball game. One of my high-schoolers is a player on the freshman and JV teams. There were home games yesterday right after school, so I decided I'd better put in an appearance before the season is over. It's not that I don't want to watch my child play, but I simply do not overly enjoy attending sporting events. For one thing, I usually have to go by myself, because Husband has farm chores to do. Also, I find sitting for hours on bleachers to be very uncomfortable, physically and socially. Like yesterday.....when I got to the game, my father-in-law was there, so, to be nice, I went and sat by him. Soon, I regretted it, because he kept grumbling and complaining about the way the team played. And he would say players' names out loud, even when their parents were sitting nearby and could hear. It made me wish I had worn a sign saying "Even though he's family and I'm sitting by him.....that doesn't mean I agree with what he's saying!"

He's an example of what I feel is wrong with the middle school and high school sporting situations. Adults take it all way too seriously, and young people pick up on that and become the same way. Maybe there is something wrong with me......that could be it......I lack some sporting gene. I could care less most of the time who wins or loses or throws a bad pass or takes a lousy shot. I just don't care. Fortunately, last evening at the game, sitting on the other side of me was another "could care less" mother. Most of the time, I conversed with her and ignored my father-in-law.

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