Thursday, March 1, 2007

Power Restored

Hooray! Around 9 p.m. yesterday we saw a vehicle with flashing yellow lights coming up our long driveway. It was a utility crew coming to make sure our generator got turned off before they turned on the power at the corner, so none of their workers would get a jolt. Husband was very happy to finally be able to put the tractor and alternator back in the shed.

The power had been off for four and a half days. I didn't think I remembered that happening before in my lifetime, but then a memory came to mind. When I was junior in high school and sewing a dress for prom, our power went out for several days. My parents took our sewing machine to my grandmother's house in town, and I stayed there and finished my dress. I wonder if anyone sews their own prom dresses anymore? I made alot of my clothes back then, dresses, skirts, and tops. Lots of my friends sewed their clothes, too. It was a popular trend then.

My two high-schoolers ended up staying home today as school was cancelled due to another storm moving in. But, it didn't amount to much of anything in this area. Just a little rain in the morning and some snow this afternoon. The brunt of the storm is hitting western Iowa, according to the weather reports. Our power went out for a couple hours at midday, then came back on, thankfully.

The other day when that utility pickup that showed up here ended up being from Akron, Ohio, I was tickled. Akron, Ohio, figures into my favorite movie, "Harvey". The psychiatrist, when he finds out that Harvey the pooka can make wishes come true, states that his wish would be to go to Akron, of all places. Evidently he had happy memories of that city. One of my favorite scenes in the movie is when the orderly, Mr. Wilson, experiences a synchronicity when he looks up the word "pooka" in the dictionary. Anyway, I considered it a minor synchronicity for me when the utility truck turned out to be from Akron!

Here's wishing electricity restored to everyone!

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