Friday, April 13, 2007

Snow and a Prayer Corner

It seems I haven't accomplished much the last several days. The snowstorm on Wednesday was just too much for my April-minded sensibilities. I curled up and read books when my services weren't needed for meals, laundry, and barn chores.
School was even cancelled that day! I wonder how long its been since that happened in April?

Yesterday I mustered enough motivation to bake bread from scratch. What could possibly beat the aroma of bread baking in the oven.

This morning the milk truck driver and I had a nice visit in the milkhouse. Somehow the conversation moved from tax time worries to college costs to working mothers. We both agree that kids are better off having stay-at-home moms, and its unfortunate that financial pressures (or the perception of such pressures) so often prevent that. We discussed all the running around that parents do for their kids' sake nowadays, and how ridiculous and exhausting that can be. Oh, well, what do we know, standing here in our little corner of the world, but maybe talking about it will help somehow.

This afternoon I sorted through clothes and odds and ends that my daughter had removed from her room, in preparation for the move to college next fall. I made three piles, one for Goodwill, one for nieces, and one for the dumpster. Actually, there were a couple things I kept for myself, too----as if that it a good idea. Here's a quote I saw the other day: "One of the advantages of being disorderly is that one is constantly making exciting discoveries."-----A.A. Milne. Believe me, I can totally identify with that thought! Because I tend to keep so much stuff around (waste not, want not, you know......and well, I might find a use for it someday), I do often discover wonderful treasures stuffed in drawers and closets from years past. It does add excitement to life!

Somehow, in the course of my day, I also decided to arrange a prayer table in an unused corner of the living room. A place where I can sit in the morning, or whenever, and pray. The items I chose for the table will be reminders of what's important to in God, home, husband, children, parents, siblings, friends. A couple of the items are from way in my past......a rock I painted in Bible School many years ago, and a tiny globe in a cube of lucite that was a Christmas gift from my parents one year----it has always fascinated me. Four candles, also, one for each of my children. A little painting of Jesus knocking on the door, also, and a clear glass angel holding my birthstone, which was one of the last gifts I received from my namesake aunt before she died. And, of course, an old Bible which I received upon graduation from high school. It has many notations and underlined verses in it, because I used to read it faithfully-----a habit I've fallen away from, and that needs to change.

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