Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Post-Mother's Day Thoughts

Obviously, I've let springtime cause me to neglect blogging. Not that it really matters, of course, but since this blog was created with the intention of posting regularly, I need to get back to that. This post's title indicates a Mother's Day theme, but first some thoughts on spring-planting.....
The regreening of our part of the earth has once again prompted much outdoor activity. Tractors rumble through the fields towing plows and planters. Pickups filled with sacks of seed corn sit at edges of fields, in readiness for the farmer's next stop to refill planter boxes. Planting equipment is quite high-tech now, with electronic sensers which keep the farmer in his tractor informed about the operation of the planter being pulled behind. Flashing lights and beepers will let him know if something is amiss. It seems the planters get bigger every year. When I was a kid, everyone used four-row planters. Now its common to see 24-row planters.

The worst thing is when you get a good whiff of odorous farm chemicals being sprayed on the fields. I had to shut all the windows the other day because a strong east wind kept bringing that awful chemical smell from the farm next door. Although I'm fully aware of the benefits of utilizing herbicides and pesticides, deep inside I wish that they didn't have to be used. They pollute and they stink. But, it's a tradeoff, I guess, for farm chemicals do allow farmers to efficiently produce food to feed the world.

As for Mother's Day......the other day I read of the true origin of this holiday. It actually originated as "Mothers Day for Peace" in the late 1800's. A woman named Julia Ward Howe, after seeing the ravages of wars in the U.S. and Europe, called for mothers to unite to promote peace in the world. Hmm. Somehow, this Mothers Day for Peace became the day for mothers themselves to be honored. Not that there is anything wrong with that, of course. Plus, think of all the greeting cards and gifts that are produced and sold, providing a boost to the economy. Hmm.

We don't celebrate Mother's Day too heavily around this household. It's like most every other Sunday......we go to church, come home and Mom fixes dinner. That's OK with me. My sons gave me hugs. My older daughter phoned and sent a card and gift certificate. My younger daughter gave me two candles, kitchen towels, and a DVD (one that she must have been wanting to see for she watched it right away!). Husband's mother passed away many years ago. My own mother is on a river cruise in Russia......I gave her a card and gift before she left. I can't wait to hear about Moscow and St. Petersburg!

Yesterday we had strong winds all day long and unseasonably warm temperatures. It actually was hot! I spent most of the day outdoors, and it seemed otherworldly out there. The sound of the wind roaring through the pine trees made me feel caught up in another dimension, enveloped about by constant sound and the warm whirling wind. A wonderful day, but tiring. Sun and wind really make me feel worn out.

Last evening after chores, as I was ready to collapse into the recliner, my daughter became frantic because the printer ran out of ink as she was trying to finish her senior English portfolio. So I had to do something I try to avoid.....running to town for just one item. I sped 20 miles to Super Walmart....they were out of the ink I was looking for. Then on to another Super Walmart, where they were out of that ink, too. (We have too many Walmarts around here.) Good grief! And it was getting late. Back in the car I happened to hear a radio commercial for Office Depot, so I headed there right before they closed, and they had just what I needed. Next time I will go there first.

Today the chilly weather has returned. A good day to stay inside blogging and baking cookies. Husband and I have started doing the newspaper Jumbles, ciphers, and crossword puzzles together over lunch. Surprisingly to me, it is alot of fun. And Husband seems to enjoy it, too. You never know what will turn out to be fun and enjoyable sometimes.

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