Monday, July 2, 2007

Bridal Shower Weekend

Let's see if I can get a post done during these few minutes of peace and quiet on a Monday morning. The weekend was extremely full of busyness and noise. Daughter and her fiance arrived Saturday morning, she to attend a bridal shower given in her honor at my sister's house. Great fun was had by all at this event. We enjoyed silly shower games such as fashioning wedding dresses out of toilet paper, trying to blindly find safety pins in a bowl of rice, and drawing the bride on a piece of paper on the tops of our heads. Many laughs! My younger daughter and her teenage cousin were in charge of planning the games, and I thought they did a very good job! Four young nieces were there, ages 5, 6, 7, and 10, and it was obvious they were enamored with their older cousin, the future bride, as she opened her gifts and chatted about the wedding plans.

Also, at the shower, I was privileged to finally meet my future son-in-law's mother and his brother's sister. They were easy to be around and all impressions were very positive. Afterwards, we loaded up the lovely gifts and headed back home to the farm where Husband and Sons, and Grandpa, were hosting Daughter's fiance's father and two brothers. They had spent the afternoon touring the farm and playing horseshoes and bocce ball. Beautiful weather had graced the whole day!

On Sunday, Daughter and her fiance were still here, searching through old photographs to use at their reception. Over the years, I have taken many, many pictures, but have not done well at getting them into scrapbooks. Maybe its just as well. They are organized in boxes, and the kids can go through them and take whatever they want.

After church, Older Son and his girlfriend decided to make us taco salad for lunch. Fortunately, all the ingredients and toppings were on hand. We also made a smoothy drink out of pureed peaches, lemonade concentrate, Sierra Mist soda, and optional peach schnapps. It was very tasty. The kitchen was busy and noisy, and very much a mess by the time the meal was over. I actually enjoy cleaning up the kitchen in solitude, so quickly I made that clear to everyone, and they happily moved outdoors to play bocce ball. I put on a Phil Coulter CD and spent the next hour filling the dishwasher and washing dishes and cleaning counters. Truly, I have always preferred cleaning up to cooking.....
is that weird? Signifies some strange flaw in me, I suppose.

This morning has been a typical Monday. The phone woke me up at was the parent of the boy my younger daughter babysits for, wondering if she could come over right away instead of at 10:15 a.m. What fun it was giving her that news.......she hates getting up early! Then when I got to the barn, Husband was in a grouchy state because he had noticed that the neighbor's old horse was out in our hay field, something he would have to attend to after milking, which would delay all his other plans for the day. Those plans of Husband's included shingling his dad's garage roof today, so that is where he and Son are now, and I must hurry to take lunch to them.

Babysitting Daughter just sent me a text message......she had dreamed last night that her big toes were pierced with earrings! The other night she dreamed all her teeth fell out and when she looked at them they were painted with nail polish and 4th of July designs! There must be some message there......maybe she will see change in herself soon. Probably so, as she soon will start college!

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