Saturday, July 21, 2007

A Movie Review

Well, lucky me, I was chauffeur the other evening for a group of 15-year-old boys who wanted to go shopping. They are the age of Jeremy in the hilarious "Zits" cartoon strip. I can totally identify with his mother.

The boys shopped for awhile at Target, then decided they wanted to take in a movie. So we drove to the 12-plex movie theater there in town, and they picked a movie to go to. After looking the list over, I decided to go see "License to Wed", thinking Robin Williams might possibly be good for a few laughs. A very few, it turned out. What a stupidly contrived plot. Robin Williams was a minister who turned out to be a rather hellish pre-marital counselor. I laughed exactly twice.......once when the bride-to-be had made a sarcastic statement, and Robins William's character chided her by saying, "Sarcasm is the ugly step-sister of communication". I chuckled and thought how very true that was.

The young engaged couple in the movie was of course would think that maybe just once Hollywood could be daring and portray an engaged couple not doing that. But, the couple was so sweet and the girl so innocent-acting. The minister asked them to give up sex until their wedding in three weeks.......the groom-to-be acted as if this would absolutely be fatal to him.

The second time I laughed was when the couple was being given a tour of the birthing unit at a hospital......the minister's attempt to discourage them from having kids very soon. The OB nurse giving the tour was hilarious. Also, I'll have to admit the two robot babies were quite funny, too, especially the expressions on their faces.

My movie got done way before the boys' movie, so I had to sit out in the van and wait quite awhile. As I sat looking at the massive new building which houses all the theaters, I thought about what a waste the whole thing is, really. Most of the movies shown are stupid and promote immoral behavior. They cost millions of dollars to make, and what is the purpose, really? So idiotic people like me can go and spend $7.50 to get in and $6.00 for popcorn and coke, and sit there shivering in the A/C and wondering why they came. Oh, well, it was nice to spend time with my son and his friends once again, anyway.

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