Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Fun of Parenting

Here's my favorite photo from that day at Backbone Park:

Somewhere I read that the reason certain areas are called the "Devil's" this or that (as in "Devil's Backbone Park") is due to those areas having been considered sacred or spirit-inhabited by the Native Americans. There are many land formations in the U.S. with that moniker-----the Devil's Tower in Wyoming comes immediately to mind (only because I've actually been there).
Last evening I felt compelled to do something I've never done a parent with a concern about their child. Usually, I let my kids deal with their situations themselves, but this ordeal of my son breaking up with a girl is getting a bit out of hand on her end. He came home from basketball practice last night saying that she had told him she would "never speak to him again" and that she "hadn't eaten for two days". I told him she's attempting to manipulate him, and he shouldn't fall for it.
Then as we stood there talking, my son received a text message from the girl stating she was "going to run away". That did a parent I would want to know if my child were threatening such an action, so I phoned her mother and told her about the text message. She thanked me for calling and that was that. I disliked doing it......its not my normal modus operandi, but the girl had crossed a line, and it was time to let her parents know. Most likely, she was bluffing, but too bad......running away is a serious matter. She's in my prayers.
Like I said, I've never before had to call another parent in all of my years of being a mother. I once confronted a boy who wouldn't leave my daughter alone, and gave him a hopefully memorable piece of my mind. Those are the times you feel mean and wonder if being a parent is such a great thing.


Country Girl said...

You know it's a great thing, even though we need to be 'mean' sometimes.

Jeannelle said...

country girl,

Yes, you are absolutely right.

nannykim said...

Oh, I so know what you mean on this post. My son broke off with a girl he was engaged to. She felt it was all my fault--that I was influencing him (oh and don't mention this on comments on my blog--just incase she might visit it!!) But what happened is that he went to her relations for Thanksgiving. While there he realized what it was like not to have Christ as the center of a family. He realized that this was not what he wanted in his marriage. He also realized that she did not know the Lord and that he had been kidding himself about that fact. He had told me this and I had replied in an email and she somehow read it (she got to his computer and he had left it on)--when she read my response she thought I was the instigator!!

I still pray for her salvation every day. My son had strayed from the Lord for quite some time, but he has made almost a complete circle back and it has been awesome to see!!

I know what you mean about a manipulating person and your advice was really right on with your son. She is really showing the signs of that and my mother-in-law is one!! It has wrecked havic on their family and has long reaching effects. So keep being "mean" and keep giving your son the good advice!! He wants someone that is an encouragement and blessing in his life.

Jeannelle said...


Prayer is simply the best! No doubt your prayers for your son preceded his turnabout back to the Lord.

I grew up in the household of a a kid I was blind to what was going on, but when I grew up and got out of the house, my perspective changed and my eyes were opened.