Friday, February 1, 2008

No Time.....No Time.....

That old Guess Who song is running through my head......"No Time Left For You.....No Time.....No Time". No time for blogging or reading blogs today. My morning routine was swept aside to make room for my son's orthodontist appointment, followed by Husband and I presenting our bookwork to the accountant for tax preparation. What a joy that is every year! Milk prices were fairly good in 2007 and Uncle Sam forces generosity out of us as a reward.

Husband grumbled all the way home. The way he sees it, you either work for Uncle Sam or you work for the machinery either pay taxes or you buy machinery to avoid paying taxes. He's considering selling some cows, he says.......what is the point of knocking yourself out working so hard just so you can pay Uncle Sam? As always, I just sit and listen.

Actually, more than listening, I was pondering the notion of running to town for groceries after lunch. It was turning out to be a run-around day anyway, and the cupboards and refrigerator are looking bare and lonely, so off to SuperTarget I went.

There I wandered around, picking up items on my list, soon realizing I had chosen the most rattly, squeaky-wheeled cart in the store. Oh, well. Soon I was noticing another almost every aisle I turned into, there were pregnant women. Very obviously pregnant ones. Truly, they were everywhere! And that's a wonderful thing, but it seemed unusual to see so many of them at one time under the same roof. I got to thinking-----I don't know if this could be connected------but back in late summer, a large battalion of reservists, the 133rd, returned from two years in Iraq. It was big news here in northeast Iowa, and maybe their return is going to result in a baby boom! Then again, that may have nothing to do with the particular group of pregnant gals there at SuperTarget today. It may have been just a coincidence.......

By the time I got home, it was dark, and my calves were bellering for their bottles. I ran into the house to change, and seeing the answering machine blinking, I listened to it. It was my college daughter's garbled voice.....I could catch some of her words. She was having a bad day, so I quickly called her back. It was nothing really serious......she said her down mood was triggered by a professor who seems to know everyone's name in class......except hers. Sounded like a really serious problem......and my daughter admitted it did sound silly, but it just kind of bummed her out today. You know how little things can set us off sometimes.....

I was talking to her on my cell phone, and then the house phone rang, so I answered that, too. It was Husband's nephew calling from Portsmouth Naval Hospital in Virginia where he's a patient after having a 7-1/2 hour operation on his lower back, which was injured a couple years ago in Iraq (he's in the Marines, but it was not a combat injury). The surgery was on Wednesday and he's already up and walking around. I put the cell phone and the house phone on speaker mode so my daughter and her cousin could converse as I held the phones next to each other. That seemed funny for some reason.

Later, after feeding calves, the groceries needed carried in from the garage, so I was at that task when a spot of ice caught me off guard and down I went backwards, hitting my head on the cement. Fortunately, I still had my heavy chore coat on, with its thick hood cushioning my neck. I've taken some ibuprofen, but can feel my upper back and neck getting stiff. The bed looks inviting, but I need to stay awake until my son gets home from his basketball game-----it was two hours away, meaning he won't get home until after midnight.

Cell phone just beeped......a text from my son.....they won! And he may not get home until 1 a.m. Oh, my.....well, I'll surf around and read countrygirl and nannykim and then go read a book.


nannykim said...

Your day sounds, kindof like mine went!! I spent most of the morning running around to all the stores looking for a dish drain to fit in my sink. Finally I thought I had found 2---two different ones. I purchased them both and guess what! Neither one fit! They were for small sinks (in the past they have always fit my sink)--but they changed the design and instead of rounded corners they have more squared corners and thus they were too big. (All this after 2 hours of going to all the nooks and crannies in our town!!). I even tried cutting the corners on one , but alas it didn't work!!! I was very frustrated. At the same time I was looking for a coffee maker since ours quit and we have a Bible study on Wed---where many like coffee. So I needed one that keeps warm and makes a big pot. My Mr. Coffee didn't last long. The others were to cheap--had parts that would break or digital and I worried about that, or the wrong color. Finally I decided (such a major decision ;-) to get a red hamilton beach one and I do love it. (it is digital however). It fits better than the Mr. Coffee one did which I can't understand!! Since it is taller. They donate some of the earnings to something--heart or cancer stuff. And the red adds such a cheerful punch (I really have a weakness for red).

As far as your phone stuff--we have done that tooo. Once we had a 4 way conversation with my two sons and my husband and me! One son called my husband and the other son called me and we put the cell phones on speaker---quite fun actually.

Hope your son made it home ok.

I know what you mean by the taxes--we used to have the same problem--sometimes my hubby would get a raise and it would put us in a different bracket and I think we actually earned less!!

Jeannelle said...


Your comments warm my heart. Thank you for taking the time.

Red is my favorite accent color in the kitchen, and I've thought it would be fun to have a red coffeemaker......good choice!

Yes, my son rolled in around 1 a.m. I can't sleep until kids get home......its a mom thing, I guess.

Country Girl said...

I like red too, it's such a cheerful color especially in the kitchen.

I always waited up for my sons and then eventually, after high school and beyond, I began to mysteriously fall asleep while waiting up for them. They'd come home and it wouldn't even wake me up!