Friday, January 18, 2008

High of ONE today!

Here's a photo fresh from this sub-zero morning in Iowa. Way to the right is a small glow which is a "sundog", testifying to the frigid temperatures. Fortunately we have no wind right now, but the forecast includes it for later today. Our high today is supposed to be ONE degree above zero, and tomorrow they say the high will be 5 BELOW zero. Fun.


Here's a follow-up to that dream I wrote about a couple posts ago-----the one about a woman named "Ellen". I hadn't mentioned it to anyone. This morning as I was rinsing milkers in the milkhouse, Husband walked in and said, "Today is Ellen _____'s birthday. (The wife of the man in my dream!) I replied, "How do you know that?" He told me he had just heard it on the radio in the barn-----the local station he listens to announces birthdays each morning.

Anyway, this dream story is extremely trivial and of no importance, of course, but I'm always curious to know what makes this sort of thing happen. Truly, I hardly know this woman and certainly never knew her birthdate.

When I told Husband about it, he just rolled his eyes!


Mike said...

Now that IS cold!

Jeannelle said...

Cool....a comment about the cold!!

Thanks for commenting.

Your Worthing Beach photo is nice.