Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Tux & Betsy

Well, I was searching for a close-up photo of our dog, Betsy, but instead found her in the background of this one. My kitty friend, Tuxedo, poses on the pumpkin.


nannykim said...

man, the cat is a spitin image of our big cat---amazing!! I see the doggy--I clicked and enlarged--that dog looks like he/she has a nice temperment! Yes , I did read the Wounded Healer---weird that you had just read it too! My copy was a library book---the problem with that is, you can't go back to reread sections. Sometimes I quote things on my blog just so I can go back and think about it! My mind isn't the greatest for remembering the things I read!!!

Jeannelle said...


What is your black & white cat's name?

My favorite part in The Wounded Healer was in Chapter 4, the section about "Concentration and Hospitality". The part where Nouwen writes: "Paradoxically, by withdrawing into ourselves, not out of self-pity but out of humility, we create the space for another to be himself and to come to us on his own terms."

He then quoted James Hillman:....."On the human level, withdrawal of myself aids the other to come into being."

Then in the next paragraph Nouwen says: "When we have found the anchor places for our lives in our own center, we can be free to let others enter into the space created for them and allow them to dance their own dance, sing their own song, and speak their own language without fear."

You "concentrate" your being.....that is, pull yourself inward to make room for another to grow and become.

For me, that was the most stunning part of the book.

Thanks for your comments!