Monday, March 31, 2008

Snore Away....Please!

Why does snoring have to exist?? What on earth can possibly be its purpose, except annoyance. Last night, I had to flee to the sofa to get away from Husband's raucous snoring. He works very, very hard all day long......and snores very hard at night. Sometimes, the snoring will cease if I gently shake his shoulder, prompting him to roll into a different position, but last night that didn't work. The rattling mass of sound started in again after a few seconds.

Therefore, today I stopped at a drug store and found these two hopefully helpful products. Husband has used Breathe Right strips in the past, so I was familiar with those, but never had I heard of Snore Relief before........I'm hoping it will cause me to not hear of snoring again!!

I'm headed to bed now.......and to see if these products live up to the promises on their labels.


Anonymous said...

I will most definately be back again to see if he still snores. It would be so nice to find something that really works !! Doris

Jeannelle said...


Ok, here's how it was last night. My husband was snoring still, but it wasn't as noisy. So maybe the spray does help with the throat sounds, which seems to be his problem. He was wearing the nose strip, too, but still ended up breathing through his mouth.

Thanks for stopping by!

Mary Connealy said...

I'm trying husband...yeah that's right, not for me. Nope, oh wait, you didn't ask.

Never mind.

Sherry said...

Boy Jeannelle, I was sure hoping it would work. It sure worked for the Contrarian. He has breathing problems and tended to do the apnea thing sometimes. We tried those and he's doing very much better. I never let him get in bed without his strip! Hope you find something that works for your husband. I know how frustrating it can be to try to sleep with a snorer.

Jeannelle said...

I read somewhere that women at middle age start having trouble sleeping......but, I'm beginning to think its because they're probably in bed with a SNORER!!

To report on the products: It seems he still breathes like in a snoring way, but its not as loud. So I guess they are sort of working.