Sunday, August 24, 2008

Rhymsie......Get Over Here!

Rhymsie, Rhymsie........what have you old "Kickin'A Award"-winning, genius blogger from Georgia, you!! Hey, can't you hear me hollering to you through the wilderness of cyberspace??!
I woke up this morning and found I had forgotten to put Miss Kitty in the basement last night. Well, great timing........she gave birth to three kittens during the night, choosing a remote corner where there happens to be several old record albums stashed, including "The Statler Brothers Greatest Hits", with the famous harmonizing "brothers" pictured on the cover.
Rhymsie, you told me in a comment awhile back that some people say you resemble the bass singer from the Statler Brothers, pictured here on the album cover with a microphone in his hand. I believe his name is "RhymeswithRareOldMead" (said with a northern accent, please, and you can think of better words to use), and he evidently stayed at Miss Kitty's side during the birthing! Perhaps he is the father.......I wouldn't know about such things, though. Leave it to a guy with a moustache to do such a thing, though.......(Do you have a moustache?).

Rhymsie, the thing is.........YOU are responsible for the scene in this photo! After YOU mentioned your resemblance to a Statler Brother, I dug into a closet to find the old record album and listen to those great songs again! Then I placed the album cover right here on the shelf in the photo. Yes, yes.......its all YOUR FAULT!! Thanks a whole lot!! Maybe you'll have to pay "kitty support"!


Pat - Arkansas said...

My goodness! Poor "Rhymsie!" You gave him both barrels, and himself all the way over in Georgia. I'll bet he felt the blast!

Look on the bright side, Jeannelle. You now have several names from which to choose to bestow up the (cute) kittens. Depending upon gender, they could be (choose 3 out of 4):
Harold or Haroldeen;
Phil or Phillipa;
Jimmy or Jimmima;
Don or Donna.

If they should happen to be all boys, their last names would be Statler, of course. "Here, kitty, kitty! Come on here, Statler Brothers."

You can just play the mentioned recording if they should need lullabies.

rhymeswithplague said...

There I was having a quiet Sunday afternoon when BAM!, I brought up your blog.

Are you saying that gazing at a picture of someone I used to look like can send a cat into labor? If that's the case, I'm very happy to say that I haven't looked anything like RhymeswithRareOldMead in years!

The other person people used to say I resembled was Engelbert Humperdinck. You could names the new kittens Engel, Bert, Humper, and Dinck!

Humper might be too suggestive. You could name that one Antonio Banderas after the fellow that played Puss-in-Boots in the Shrek movies!

I like it! I like it! Engel, Bert, Dinck, and Antonio Banderas. The perfect feline family.

Jeannelle said...

Hi, Pat!

I like the idea of playing the Statlers' music as lullabies....but do cats ever need lullabies? I'll play the record loud so they stay awake!



You finally got here! About time. :) I guess I will accept your donation of name suggestions as fulfillment of your kitty support obligations.

Sorry.....I just couldn't pass the scene mama Miss Kitty alongside Harold Reid a-singin'.

Get back to your peaceful Sunday now!

Country Girl said...

Well, this was interesting. Cats in labor, Humperdink singing and bantering back and forth. Fun!