Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Too Bizzy to Blog

Yup, I'm too busy to blog right now.......Haha, yeah, right.......and here's some reasons why!
We picked up rocks in the field all afternoon today. At one point I found this rusty old piece of a fence post.........in a cross-shape.......COOL!
Later, Husband's brother drove out to the field to discuss an issue concerning their father's estate. What a hassle. I retreated to an area of long grass and sat down for awhile, then laid back and soaked in the sight of the lovely blue sky...........intersected here and there by jets flying way up yonder. I zoomed the camera in on this one..........it was SO white..........maybe it was Air Force One!! Just kidding! It was flying from the southeast to slightly northwest........I like to try and guess where the planes might traveling from and to.........perhaps this one was Atlanta to Minneapolis.


Despite the sun's shining brightly all day, there was a definite chill in the air.........the cool breath of October came a day early! I don't know about you, but when the temps finally drop in the fall, my gears shift with difficulty and I have to be very careful to dress warmly and get enough sleep or I end up with a nasty chest cold and a cough which often lingers long into the winter. So today out in the field I kept my ears and neck covered and wore a sweatshirt. Husband was out there in his shirt sleeves, of course.......he never gets sick, the lucky guy.


Take GOOD care of yourself, too, as the weather changes bring stress to your body! Health sleep, here I come! Who cares about "beauty sleep"?! "Health sleep" is the way to go!




Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

That cross-shaped piece is very cool. And the plane shot is beautiful.

DesertHen said...

Busy gal you are!! I hated "rock picking".......did that often when we lived in Idaho!!

The photo of the plane is amazing! I took one similar a year back on a camping trip......might have to post it sometime.

Take care and get some of that health sleep........I know what you mean about the change in weather bringing on those darn colds!!

Suz Broughton said...

Love that cross with the rocks. Nice picture.


Beautiful sky. I do the same - wonder the route of the plane. You're lucky to have some chill in the air. Hades is still roaring on in California.

Louis la Vache said...

"Louis" thanks you for the publicity shot of his cousins here! ;-)

BTW - "Louis" wouldn't be offended if you could find a way to e-mail him some of those delicious looking raspberries...

Laura ~Peach~ said...

awesome pictures the fruits make me drool the cross is very cool, happy cows make happy cheese :D and the plane WONDERFUL ... happy Oct 1st~

Adventure girl said...

You are a busy, busy girl! I wish I was that kind of busy instead of sittin in an office kind of brain sucking busy;);););)

My fav shot is the first of the apples! Cool angle!

Pat - Arkansas said...

Kewl pics, Ms. J!

When we first moved to Arkansas (to the "farm") Daddy had us kids picking up rocks from sunup to sundown (it seemed). We'd pick up the big rocks, he'd plow a bit, then we'd pick up more rocks. I declare, if there had been a market for rocks, we'd have been rich!

Caution/Lisa said...

My husband LOVES this weather, but I miss the sun and warmth of summer.

My kids and I always talk about where the planes are headed, too.

rhymeswithplague said...
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rhymeswithplague said...

Cool post, Jeannelle! The cross is in the field and the field, according to Jesus in the parable of the sower and the seed, is the world.

And I also love that the sky in your photo is Yves Klein blue!

Marg said...

Picking up rocks? Ouch, I can still feel that from way back when....
I think I'm the only one in our area walking around with headbands. The sun can be shining but the crisp air loves my ears. Ouch!!
Take care of yourself.
Have some hot milk!!

Country Girl said...

Have fun being busy!! Your fruit looks excellent. If I didn't have this big boo boo finger, I'd make an apple pie.

Jeannelle said...


Finding the rusty cross surprised me! Made the rock-picking outing worthwhile.



Yes, I have many memories of picking up rocks as a kid......we all hated it then, too, but we never had a choice about doing it!

You take care, too!


Suz and Maybelline,

I know you're both in California! Sorry to hear its still hot out there!


And, Louis,

By golly....you're in California, too! I'd send you some raspberries if I could!



That's cute...."happy cows make happy cheese"......what does "happy cheese" taste like, I wonder?!


adventure girl,

But, you're making $$ there in the office, right! That's gotta be good....and, you have a new job, right! Hope it goes well.



Oh, boy......you're truly experienced in heavy-duty rock-picking! Must have been plowing up a pasture for the first time. Now, I never got involved is something like that.....the generation before mine did that.



I'll adjust to this cooler air, but it takes a couple weeks.



Very good comparisons! A sermon could be developed from the rusty cross found in a field! Just an end of it was sticking out of the ground.....I was truly surprised when I pulled it up and saw the cross shape. Now.....fit that in the sermon, too!

I love that sky color, no matter what its name might be.....even if it were red or green or happy or sad! Sky blue by any other name is still sky blue!



Good for you.....keep wearing that headband! I had one on all day today! And, I wear another headband around my neck.....I've found that's very important for me to keep the neck warm.


country girl,

I don't envy you your out-of-commission finger! Get better soon! I'd just as soon pick up rocks as have a sore, unusable finger!


Blessings to you all! Stay warm and healthy!!