Saturday, June 27, 2009

Artistic Monticello Tour

Blogger Sempringham put on his history buff hat yesterday and shared an excellent link. Obviously, I had no choice but to shamelessly steal it to post here on my own blog. Thank you, Sempringham!
The link is below and takes one to an article from this week's New York Times. It is a unique and amazingly artistic tour of Thomas Jefferson's home, Monticello, where you will also learn much about Mr. Jefferson himself. After reading the article, I felt as if I had been to Monticello, a place I would love to visit in person, but probably never will. I was moved to learn the origin of the article's title, Time Wastes Too Fast. The artist/author is Maira Kalman.
Please click to feast your eyes and mind upon:


Anonymous said...

Hi Jeannelle.... We only live about 2 hours from Monticello so I will visit it for you sometime. I'm a bit of an American history buff anyway. Have a great week-end!

The Blue Ridge Gal

Gigi Ann said...

Hi Jeannelle, I too, visited Sempringham yesterday and enjoyed the article. It was quite interesting.

Have a great day on the farm today and the week-end.

Mary Humphrey said...

That is definitely a place I have always wanted to visit!

Have a great weekend.

Country Girl said...

Jeannelle, I absolutely LOVED this! I want to warn you that I'm going to shamelessly steal it from you now because I found it so interesting.
Her pictures depict Monticello exactly! I went on a free tour that was offered to parents of incoming freshmen who were at the University for their overnight orientation. I am so glad I went and now want to go back and do some of the other tours they offer, like the tree tour.
Jeannelle, you must go there. That's all I'm saying.


(can you tell how much i loved this?)

Country Girl said...

I did it. And I really hope you don't mind!
Thank you for introducing me to this wonderful artist/illustrator, Jeannelle! I'm so grateful.

The Old Gray Egg said...

Thanks for spreading the word about this article. A lot of bloggers love to share the books they read. I wish more would share the articles they find, too. There's way too much out there to be able to see it all myself.

Deb said...

I took this tour of Monticello over on Kate's blog. It was so great!

Leenie said...

Wow! I am amazed at the whole thing and thinking about how long it must have taken to put together. Such an unusual and fun way to learn history.

Jeannelle said...

Hi, Blue Ridge Gal,

By all means, visit Monticello sometime and blog about it! That would be wonderful!


Hi, Gramma Ann,

Thank you for the kind words. You have a very pleasant weekend, too. Today (Sat) is rather nice with the breeze that's blowing.


Hi, Mary,

Thank you for stopping by! You have a wonderful weekend, too!


Hi, Country Girl,

Oh, if I can ever find my way East I will definitely visit Monticello. Jefferson is such a fascinating fellow and I would love to spend some time where he did. I'm happy to hear you have been there and hope you do get a chance to go again. Glad you swiped the link!


Hi, Old Gray Egg,

Yes, well I'm certainly happy that Sempringham happened to see this article in the NY Times. Sad to say, I don't normally peruse the Times site. You're are right.....we bloggers should share good article links more often.


Hi, Deb,

Thanks for stopping by to say "hi". Yeah, it is a superb link.


Hi, Leenie,

You're right....a fun way to learn history. Probably history textbook publishers could get some ideas. I was really taken with the handwritten lines from Thomas and Martha Jefferson from when she was dying. Very moving.

DesertHen said...

That was absolutly wonderful! Thank you for sharing....=)