Thursday, December 23, 2010

December 23rd

We're in the Christmas shopping season so naturally I decided to visit a museum. There was a reason for that decision---an exhibit entitled "Privy to the Past". Privy to what past, you might ask, but you would be asking the wrong question. In this case, "privy" means an outhouse and everyone knows what that is, right? Yes, its a hole in the ground with a little house on top of it. The "Privy to the Past" exhibit contains items which have been discovered inside various privy holes in our area. Not THOSE items, but bottles of the apothecary, soda, and liquor variety. Members of an antique bottle collectors' club study old plat maps to find saloon and hotel sites from the past. Then they get permission to dig there in hopes of uncovering buried treasures in privy holes. The exhibit was enjoyable to view as old fruit jars and bottles are an interest of mine. More fun than Christmas shopping.


DesertHen said...

That sounds more interesting than Christmas shopping any day! Living here in NV we have had the chance in the past to do a little "privy" digging ourselves. We lived on a very, very old ranch that was once a small town and that is where my son started his old bottle collection. Such neat things can be found in those old "privy" holes!

DesertHen said...
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DesertHen said...

Oops, I have no idea why it posted my first comment twice. I deleted the duplicate.

Tiggeriffic said...

Oh yes you can find some interesting items in those old holes. We bought this farm 34 years ago and one summer I decided to dig where the previous owners said that the privy used to be.. Ta Da..I found old jars,,perfume glass bottles , lots of cool things.. And they were all intact..
Glad that you went to the museum,,,I would rather do that any day than shop.. I don't like shopping.
ta ta for now from eastern Iowa