Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Wow, what a pleasant surprise to open up MbyF this afternoon and find seven comments to my back-to-blogging blogpost of yesterday. Thank you to all readers and commentors! Now, if only I could think of something to blog about. Hmm.....let's see......maybe a recounting of my exciting activities of today would work. Fed calves, scraped cow manure, drank coffee, took a walk, washed dishes, frosted Christmas cookies. Do you suppose anyone else in the world did exactly those same things in exactly that same order? I wonder. And, I wonder if you wonder and ponder about those types of things. Life is full of things to wonder about and ponder over, isn't it. Did I think of something to blog about?


Tiggeriffic said...

Well, I Did not do the same thing as you did...I worked on the hats Im making for my grandgirls for Christmas. I have 4 made and 2 more to go.
I did take a walk outside in the freezing cold, got my wildbirds fed, finally got the artificial Christmas tree put up and ready for hubby to put the lights on so I can decorate..
I'm so glad you are back again.. Now you can take a picture of something and then blog about it tomorrow..
ta ta for now from Eastern Iowa,,,

DesertHen said...

Sounds like a busy full day to me. I like the part where you frosted Christmas cookies...yum,yum! And yes, I'm a wondering, pondering person as well. =)

Flea said...

I sure didn't scrape any cow manure, but I did burn a turtle.

joanne said...

exactly the same thing in the exact same order..dang, now I've got nothing to blog about!! hehe..;j