Thursday, February 17, 2011

Moonish Sun

Yesterday morning I was in a tizzy, wringing my hands  in desperation wondering what to blog about.  (Fellow bloggers will understand.)  Finally, I made the drastic decision to go outdoors to see what I could see.   Out there I beheld endless stretches of half-melted snowdrifts etched with grimy streaks of dirt---nah, that wouldn’t do.  Juncos who wouldn’t stay in one spot long enough for me to take their photo---no good, either.   And, then I spied an intriguing moon-like thing hanging up in the rafters of the sky---hey, that just might work. 

IMG_9129 Of course, the glowing orb was only lucky old sun peering groggily through a veil of cloudy fog which had pretentiously draped itself all the way down to the ground.  Fog’s surly companion---dampness---was also present, making our so-called warmer temperatures carry a chill that quickly infiltrated my winter bundlings of coat, scarf, and gloves.  More than happy was I to hurry back into the house and slave over a warm stove!


Pat - Arkansas said...

Cool (no pun intended) capture of the sun, Jeannelle. That's about the only way we can view it directly -- through a heavy veil.

DesertHen said...

Nice capture! It really does look like the moon on a foggy evening!