Wednesday, March 2, 2011


reflection cutoutThe PS “cutout” effect was applied to this photo which was taken in early spring a couple of years ago.  I was on my way home from a high school event, the road from there passing through a river lowland area which was flooded from recent snowmelts.  A grand and colorful sunset was in progress, being beautifully reflected in the surrounding water.  Quickly, I pulled onto the road’s shoulder, hopped out of the car and snatched a photo of the striking scene.  No time for hesitation---sunset reflections are very transient.

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Pat - Arkansas said...

I think you are enjoying your Photoshop capabilities; I know I am. The colors are beautiful, and the tweaking makes the picture look like a painting. I don't always carry my camera with me, but I should. Sunsets, in particular, don't wait for one to run home for the camera.