Monday, November 28, 2011

Photo of the Day

With Thanksgiving over with, I should be thinking Christmas thoughts.  Instead I fret over which photo to post on the blog today.  The weather is cold and windy, so I chose a warm-looking scene from back in mid-October:Oct 9 I need to somehow get in the mood to start holiday baking and decorating.  It sort of goes against my grain, though, as I’d rather just curl up and read books this time of year.  Or, sleep.   


troutbirder said...

Cold and windy here today also. My spouse is also in full Christmas decorating mode already. Which is a little strange as we will be in the desert over Christmas with the Grandkids... :)

Ms. Becky said...

Oh, Jeannelle dear. I recognize the signs - you're responding in the most natural of ways to what nature itself does this time of year - rest. This is the time when we become still, and plan and dream for the coming next year's season of growth and change. this is when we reflect and take time for ourselves. I'm glad you acknowledge your seasonal feelings, it isn't easy for most people, including myself. but you live the rural life where it's easier to recognize the ebb and flow of these seasons. your view outside is fine, and it's nice that you have this photo to hold onto, especially in the depths of winter's snows. do you belong to a book club? maybe we ought to start one! take good care now, and happy week to you.

DesertHen said...

I love the light coming through the screens! All it needs is a kitty in that little patch of sun!

I have no desire to decorate for Christmas or bake or get excited for the holiday either! I use to love this time of year, but now I find it all too much at times and I want to hide away and like you, read a book or sleep! =)

I like Ms. Becky's answer. It makes me feel less!

Michaele said...

I love screen doors. If you can take time to do the things you want - by all means do it : )