Thursday, April 19, 2012

Old Logos

We have old machinery sitting around here and there waiting patiently to be hauled to the junkyard.  The well-worn logos seem blogworthy.

Apr 15 (11)

Apr 15 (10) 

Apr 15 (9)

Apr 15 (8)


Anonymous said...

They are great! With the prices of scrap metal now, you should be getting some good money for those old things as well.

Ms. Becky said...

ha! Initially I was going to comment on your skywatch photo (love it) but this one caught my eye and distracted me from my intent. I'm familiar with the old machinery graveyard - my brother has a huge one. I often wonder what the neighbors up the road think, because it's part of their view. Luckily for us the neighbors are cousins, but still. I think it goes with the territory, and I love that you captured these old logos and the rust. Nothing runs like a Deer, that's for sure, but my dad never had any of those. He had Farmall, IH, and my personal fave - the old Oliver. My brother has restored most of the old ones, and they sit in a shed, sort of like a museum. Thanks for the trip down memory lane. Happy day to you Jeanelle.

Rose said...

Definitely blog worthy!