Tuesday, May 22, 2012

House Ends

Last evening I tried to watch the final episode of House but fell asleep midway through it, waking up just in time to see Doctors House and Wilson speed away on motorcycles.  I was confused about what happened which is how I felt at the end of most House shows.  It was the only prime-time show I’ve watched for quite awhile so now I guess I won't be watching any.  I once was an LPN so I have an interest in things medical.  I used to watch St. Elsewhere and ER, too, and I really liked St. Elsewhere’s theme song.  In fact, I am humming it to myself right now as I type this.

Today I googled “Hugh Laurie” to try and find out what he’s doing next.  He’s very talented and could do drama or comedy, but I found out that he’s going on a world tour, singing with his band.  How about that.  I found that out from watching a video showing him on The Tonight Show last week.  I missed it on TV because I don’t stay up that late.  Click HERE to watch it.

And, here is the St. Elsewhere theme song and opening credits: 

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Kat Mortensen said...

I Ioved St. Elsewhere! I think I saw every ep. Not so keen on House even though I'm a longtime fan of Hugh Laurie. We liked the first season but thought his character just became intolerable and the scenarios got repetitive.

We watch mainly genealogy type programs now and the
Food network. We love Chopped!