Thursday, May 24, 2012


Yesterday my husband hauled a load of corn to town to sell.  I zoomed a quarter of a mile with my Canon Powershot to get this photo.  I had to make sure he didn’t run the stop sign.  Just kidding!

May 23 (7) Later on, he cultivated a field of corn.  Not to remove weeds but to aerate the soil.  You can see how windy it was yesterday.  We need for the wind to stop and some rain to fall!

 May 23 (8)

I had walked out to the hayfield to mark some patches of wildflowers so they don’t get mowed down.  I also checked on our small prairie area and found some yarrow getting ready to bloom.  They aren’t quite photo-ready, though.


Nancy said...

Windy as heck here too for the past few days... but we did get rain yesterday and last night. Hope you did too!

Dan said...

It's pretty dry here in Central Ontario too. So much so, there are bans on fires (campers, controlled burns etc.).

Here's wishing a couple of days of good ol'soaking rain for the fields.

42N said...

Hopefully the wind didn't blow last seasons corn crop out of the truck. We too had the winds yesterday. A slight chance of rain later this evening in eastern Iowa (42N HQ.)

Judy said...

Our seed is just barely in the ground...and your corn is already blowing in the wind!

Terry and Linda said...

We are having horrible wind here also! Hopefully rain will come so...windy here...very windy!


Anonymous said...

I agree we need that rain!