Saturday, November 28, 2020

Snow Thoughts

A touch of snow fell one morning last week.  It was gone by mid-afternoon.
Below is a tractor that absolutely, positively must be dependable.  It needs to start every morning and evening without fail.  That's so the cows can be fed from the TMR (total mixed ration) mixer that you see behind the tractor.  Most of the time it starts just fine; in the winter my husband keeps it plugged in all night so the engine stays warm enough to start in the morning. 

But once in a great while things go haywire and the tractor won't start.  My husband's usual pleasant demeanor switches to yelling which of course does so much good.  A call to the mechanic may be necessary and a new part may be needed.  Such is life when you're dealing with machines which can break down at any moment.

Hope you're enjoying the holiday weekend.

Stay safe and well.

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Susie of Arabia said...

You've got snow and I've got the AC on!