Thursday, December 10, 2020


 Yesterday morning the water spigot in the milkhouse broke.  That sent me to a nearby town to get a new one.  I needed to go to the Amish bulk store to get oatmeal, too.  While leaving there I saw this Amish farmer headed to his field to spread manure.  (It's ok to take pictures of them as long as you don't get their faces in a photo.)
When I got home I found my husband working under his manure spreader, replacing the parts called hammers.  It took him all afternoon.

Hopefully, he doesn't have a rule about not getting his shoes in a photo!

Have a great day!
Stay safe and well.


Kenneth Cole Schneider said...

I loved the artful photo of the farmer spreading the manure-- and the one with the shoe was just Okay.

Rose said...

Hopefully the next few days nothing will break...