Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Hooray for Dirt

What a lovely sky in view this morning! I was awake a bit earlier than usual in order to take my son to an orthodontist appointment. Actually, I simply rode along.......poor kid, he can't drive alone yet-----he has to have the mother go along. Going to the orthodontist's office is relaxing, though------I just sit and read a magazine, enjoy a treat from McDonald's on the way out of town, and try not to think about the $$$ wrapped up in those tiny wires surrounding my son's teeth.

Newsweek was the magazine I happened to pick up in the waiting room. I had time to read one article------it was about the increasing incidence of food allergies in children. I've heard this before, but one of the reasons they cited is that our living environments are "too clean" nowadays. The article said that kids raised on farms get plenty of exposure to dirt and animals, and rarely develop food allergies. Hooray for farms.....and dirt!!!

The article also mentioned that research is being done to see if children delivered by Caesarean section are more susceptible to food allergies. In a normal delivery, the baby is exposed to beneficial bacteria on the trip through the birth canal, helping to ensure a properly-functioning immune system. I also wonder if breast-feeding helps protect against food allergies.......my instincts say it probably does since breast milk is full of important antibodies. I nursed all four of my babies and feel its one of the best things a mother can do for her child......(Don't tell the formula manufacturers!).

We were listening to the radio enroute; at one point the announcer was cheerily listing several famous movie stars who are currently pregnant. Most are unmarried, of course. Its touching to hear of rich women having babies out of wedlock------they set such a great example for teenage girls------very impressive. I suppose I should be thankful it isn't abortions being announced over the radio airwaves.

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