Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Guess This & No Complaining

Well, today is gray, let me tell you........gray, gray, gray. And so was yesterday, when I ventured to town to have some fun shopping for groceries. Yeah.....fun.....right.

It was an awful day to be in town, and I wished I'd stayed home. The streets were a mess-----sloppy and littered with deep potholes. There was just enough fine rain coming down that I needed to run the windshield wipers, but they were annoyingly squeaky because the rain didn't provide enough water. If I turned them off, the rain on the window was annoying because I couldn't see through it! A no-win situation, it was.........and, yes, I'm competing in today's Ms. Complainer contest.......if there is one.

I was grumbling yesterday also because I had to drive Husband's pickup to town, due to the fact that Daughter had parked her car behind the Envoy and had flown the coop with a friend for the day and taken her car keys along. Around this farm, we normally leave keys IN vehicles, so I didn't even think to ask her about it before she left.......she, of course, has developed the sensible habit of removing car keys because that's what she has to do at college. And, that's how most of the car-driving world lives.......we on the farm are somewhat sheltered and naive, and today I paid for it.

Husband's pickup isn't that bad, really. It smells only faintly of cow manure. The cab is regular-sized, though, which doesn't leave much space for grocery sacks, but I crammed in as many as I could. We bought this high mileage '99 Chevy pickup a few years ago, and now our son drives the '88 Chevy pickup that it replaced. The '99 is rough-riding, because its a 3/4 ton, but at least it has a CD player, meaning I was able to enjoy my favorite driving music.

Let's see who can figure out the name of the CD. Its by a singing group with a talented lyricist, in my opinion. He's practicing art by painting pictures with words. Here's a few of the colorful images etched in the magnetic strains of this particular CD:


"My dad used to tell me I was lazy,
I got dance moves like Patrick Swayze.
I'm the leftover turkey for the world's mayonnaise,
The star next to the moon"
"And as I float along this ocean
I can feel you like a notion
That won't seem to let me go"
"I don't need nobody flyin' in my jet stream
Take the bus
Go on and get yourself your own dream
Leave a light on, so you can see
How to get back when you go,
How to get
How to give
How to make ends meet
How to lose
How to win
How to stay on the seat
How to use momentum
To keep the two wheels straight"
Well, an airplane's faster than a Cadillac
And a whole lot smoother than a camel's back
But I don't care how you get to me
Just get to me
Parasail or first class mail
Get on the back of a nightingale
Just get to me
I don't care
Just get to me
Get on the highway
Point yourself my way
Take a roller coaster that comes in sideways
Just get to me
I don't care
Just get to me"
"I got friends that ride into the storm
And ride out of the storm
With nothing they rode into the storm with
And there seems to be a price
For everything
You get what you pay for
Then you pay for what
You already thought
You bought before"
"I can see the red, white and free in you
You light the night up like the moon
And underneath your clouds
I see the blue
You're hopeless
'Cause you tell the truth
The stars are jealous of your shine
If you were mine
There's not a thing I wouldn't do
You're black and beautiful, yellow, tan
You're white as light and soft as sand
With greens and grays
And, oh. for days
A silver lining on the way
You cover everyone
Just like the morning sun
You turn me into someone I would rather be
You're coffee brown and bubble gum pink
And, oh, I think the shade of you is on the brink
Of changing all the ways I see the world
I could drown inside a single drop
Of all the kinds of things you got
And all the kinds of things I'm not
Might just give me a chance to see
From way up where you are
Above the silent stars
Just dancing in the sky
You're better than any rainbow
You're brighter than the sun
You look like my first day of summer
When the spring is on the run
You're gold, and more gold
And you're platinum, too
With snow-toned, copper attitude
I don't know what I'd do without you"
("Snow-toned, copper attitude".........I just love that line! Its my hair's motto, although I still work to hide those snow-tones!)
Preferably, whoever can give the name of the band and/or the name of the CD, will be able to do so without "googling" any of the lyrics!!! That's much too easy, although, I realize, if you've never listened to this band, you won't have a clue, just as I have no knowledge of songs I don't listen to.
Well, that's all for now......aren't you glad!! I must pretend to be a motivated little LOCOMOTIVE and get ON TRACK and get the rest of the groceries put away and do housework. Planning food for Easter Sunday is on tap, too. I sometimes could wish to focus simply on the meaning of special Holy-Days, instead of being required to focus on food!!! Here I go......complaining again.
Have a wonderful day and strive to be a non-complainer!


Russell said...

As always, a wonderful post! It is always such fun to read your blog!

I laughed when I read about your daugther taking the keys to the car! My wife and I used to get in, uh, discussions (!) about this topic.

She grew up in Sioux City and I grew up on a farm. She was ALWAYS pulling the keys out of cars, the truck, etc. (even my tractor!) and so I always had to tramp around looking for them when I wanted to use a car! Often they were in her purse or in a coat pocket!!

Eventually I made a key for every vehicle, got one of those little metal boxes you stick under the car and put a key in each one!! Thus, when I could not find a key I HAD one!! And I ALWAYS returned it!!

Take care.

Anonymous said...

LOL, here there is a rule if you park behind my husband or me, you leave your keys on the hutch in the hallway. No exceptions. It ALMOST always works. Almost. Except when it doesn't...

Mary Connealy said...

Wow, Kacey, you made a rule and people obey it?
I stand in awe.
It was gray here today too. I hate driving to work in the fog because my horrid car does NO cool tricks. So if I turn the lights ON I have to turn them off.
I've run the battery down twice now. So sad.
So if I have to turn the lights on, I try to drive with one hand on the light knob so I'll remember.
The coping techniques of the undiagnosed ADD adult.

Jeannelle said...

Kacey and Russell,

You have plans set up in advance to avoid key problems......I need to follow suit. Thanks for coming by.


That's cute, your car does "no cool tricks". I'm becoming spoiled by vehicles that have automatically operating lights and locks. Shortly after we bought it, the Envoy locked me out one night, with the extra key also inside the vehicle. I felt SO stupid. A couple mechanics tried to open it with no success, so I ended up calling a locksmith. His services cost over $100, but he waived the fee, over my protests, because he had known my father-in-law, who had recently passed away. I made him take a $20 bill because he had driven 30 miles.....and he's even the closest locksmith we have! I was grateful for his kindness that night!

Country Girl said...

All American Girl by Train.

Too bad the p.u. smells like cow poo!

You're too funny. Hope today was better for you.

Jeannelle said...

Yes, country girl.... ChooChoo....you are correct with Train!

But, "Tell me what its like to be the queen of it all, the Nieman-Marcus of the mall....". And tell me what its like to be the house on the hill, the number one diet pill.....".

Thanks for visiting!