Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I'm Sorry

This week is overwhelming, for some reason. Some areas of my house are in dire need of attention, so that's where my attention is going. There's an accumulation of books, and I'm trying to organize them and make a library out of part of a room. Actually, I should be getting rid of many of the books, but am unable to do so, for some reason.......I must be sick. And there is other clutter to deal with and curtains to be washed..........spring cleaning fever has taken over, and that doesn't happen to me very often, so I'd better take full advantage of it.

I'm sorry to not be getting to the blogs I enjoy reading, and I thoroughly understand if no one visits mine. That's not to say I'm not thinking of you.......Sherry, I thought of you in town the other day when I was stopped at a red light behind a van emblazoned with "", advertising services to "help you publish your life story", because Sherry is writing her life story on her blog. I don't have to look far to think of Russell at Iowa Grasslands blog, because grasslands are all around. CountryGirl.......I think of you everytime I take a photo and because, well, I'm a country girl, too! Kacey, at Wine on the were in my mind while I attempted to reposition my piano yesterday..........oh, my aching back! Mary's husband used to milk cows, so I know she understands the farm stuff.


The other day in town, I did break down and buy a new digital camera to carry in my pocket on walks. So here's a taste of how my little corner of the world looks right now:

Much of the snow has melted away, as you can see. (The black specks are birds.)

"Green, green...........goin' where the grass is greener stilll........", words from a song I vaguely recall. This hay field below is greening up in anticipation of several summer cuttings and balings.

This photo below shows why Husband wouldn't dare drive a tractor into this field at the present time. Our culverts and waterways are running full tilt with snowmelt water right now.

Tuesday, at 4 p.m., when I was exhausted after a day of housework, this text came in on my cell phone.....from my high school sophomore son: "We hav a bball banquet 2nite n i need 2 bring hot dish n if u cud come thtd b great."
Sheesh......thanks for the advance notice! I hurriedly searched the freezer and pantry and found ingredients to make a tator tot casserole. The banquet was its usual lame, lame event, but we parents are willing to endure much for our kids' sakes....right. I shouldn't complain, but most of the parents in this tiny school district are native to the district and remain attached to whatever cliques they were in in their former school days. Outsiders are on their own, believe me.
Today is Maundy Thursday. Out of curiosity, I just now looked up "maundy" in the dictionary. Its meaning has to do with when Jesus washed the disciples' feet. We have church tonight, and tomorrow morning for a Good Friday service, which oddly enough is one of my favorite church services of the year. For some reason, I'm moved by how we leave the service in silence and simply go home. Its very meaningful.
A blessed Maundy Thursday to all......and Happy 1st Day of Spring!!!


P. S. - About an hour after writing the above post, the first robin of the year appeared in our yard! Perfect timing, on this initial spring day!


Anonymous said...

Jeannelle, I have visited your blog occasionally. I was led there by my former pastors wife who live in Phoenix. Clif and Charlotte Ditmore. I am drawn to your blog for several reasons. One is that my late husband and I lived in Iowa for a short while. Looking at your pictures remind me of the time we spent there and I surely don't miss those winters. Oh so cold and so bleek. I hate the cold and love the heat. What a blessing to me that the Lord didn't take my husband HOME until we reached the desert.

I enjoy your stories about your farm life. My farm life is so minor compared to yours. I still like to call myself "The Ol' Farmer Lady" in spite of the minorness of it.

I will keep checking in on your blog occasionally. Connie

Country Girl said...

Jeannelle, I, too sometimes don't get to visit my favorite blogs as much as I'd like to. So don't you worry about not getting out as much as you'd like. Spring is going to have us all really busy, isn't it?

I am so glad that you bought a new camera!

Here's to Spring . . . and all the beauty it will bring!

Mary Connealy said...

Green, green, it's green they say
On the far side of the hill.
Green, green, I'm going away to where the grass is greener still

I suppose this just means 'the grass is greener on the other side of the fence'
But maybe it means death.
Not to suck the fun out of a perky little song or nuthin' :)

Sherry said...

No apologies are necessary. We all have lives and sometimes they interfer with our fun. I have got a part of my bathroom cleaned. I have a quilt wall hanging in the wash, and the knickknacks washed. I've got the cabinets to clean out and the floor to do, walls to wipe down. Not too bad. But I agree, when the mood hit, jump! It doesn't hit often for me!

Anonymous said...

Oh! I'm so glad you bought a new camera! Now we'll get to see spring at your farm!

Jeannelle said...

Thank you all so much for stopping by!

Connie---Goodness, nobody's life is minor! Sorry, though, if any photos here have jogged negative memories of Iowa!! I'm going to look for your blog again....

Country Girl----Yes, here's to Spring.....I'm all for that!! remembered more words of that song! Maybe the "greener still" place is Ireland!

Sherry----Wow, you're really going to town with your cleaning! Keep it going.....I'm cheering for you!

Kacey----I still hope to get a SLR camera soon, but needed one of these less-complicated cameras to throw in my pocket for fun.

Russell said...

I just saw this today (Easter Sunday!). Always remember that everyone has their ups and downs - and good weeks / bad weeks!! We understand!

For me, sometimes I enjoy putting up a post every day and, more often, I do it a few times a week. When blogging becomes work, it is time to stop for a while!

I laughed at the text message from your daughter!! I can relate to that very, very, very well!!!

Take care.

Jeannelle said...

Hi Russell,

Thanks for stopping by! Today (Monday) I hope to catch up on laundry and reading blogs!!

Should we be worried about what texting messaging is doing to your children's communication skills!!??
Its a form of shorthand, I guess!