Sunday, March 23, 2008

STOP ahead for Easter

Here's how the sun looked this morning around 7:00 A.M. as I was headed to the Easter breakfast at church. The sun's appearance was the time I reached the church a mile and a half down the road, the glowing ball of sun had disappeared into the clouds, not to return on this Easter day.Accompanying me in the Envoy were three freshly-baked egg strata casseroles. The "youth" of our church traditionally serve the Easter sunrise breakfast........uh, what that means is: The MOTHERS of the youth provide the food. Back when my oldest child reached high school age, we had a genuine "Youth Group", which had officers and held meetings, and had activities, one of which was to conduct the Easter Sunrise service and serve the breakfast. Then along came very "confessional" pastors, who don't believe its proper for anyone else but them to conduct a church service, signaling the end of the youth doing the Easter Sunrise service.

Over the years, Youth Group activities have dwindled to nothing, but they and their MOTHERS are still expected to provide the Easter breakfast. I was talking to a deacon a couple weeks ago, and suggested to him that maybe the breakfast duties should be taken over by a different church group.......such as the MEN! (In the church I grew up in, the men's group served the Easter breakfast.) The deacon thought I was joking, but then indicated he'd consider the suggestion.......however, I think HE was joking!!! LOL

We served around 80 people for breakfast........not an especially impressive turnout. There was one church service, at 8:30 A.M., immediately following the breakfast. Our normal church service time is 10 A.M., which works out well with Husband's morning milking schedule, but an 8:30 service is too early for him to get to. Bummer.......he was unable to attend church on Easter! And, to top it off, this morning it was announced that our church services will be at 8:30 A.M. through May, to accomodate the available vacancy pastor! Needless to say, Husband is not amused about this turn of events. We attend a rural church, established by farmers over 130 years ago. Hardly any of the members have livestock anymore, though, and their minds are quickly forgetting what its like to have chores to do on Sunday mornings BEFORE church.

But, I shouldn't be a complainer on this most special of Christian holy days. Our younger two children were home, and my mom and stepdad came over, too. I fixed roast beef, mashed potatos and gravy, ham balls, corn, cherry/applesauce jello, cottage cheese, rolls. My stepdad brought a deliciously rich and heavy carrot cake. We all felt completely stuffed after this meal......and add in the fact that we also had partaken of that big breakfast at church.......oh, my. We were definitely well-fed today!

After clearing up the noon meal dishes, I tried to sit and visit with my mom, but even the cup of strong coffee in front of me could not prevent my eyes from becoming heavy and continually closing. I needed to lay down, so I asked Mom if she wanted to watch a movie with me.......that way I could sack out on the sofa. We chose "Roman Holiday"-------always a delight to watch, with Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck cavorting around the streets of Rome. My state of awakeness waxed and waned, but I was aware of most of the movie. I especially like the scene with "the mouth of truth".........anyone know what that is? I assume it is an actual location in Rome.

Hopefully, you had a wonderful and blessed Easter day!

Christ is risen!
He is risen indeed!


Anonymous said...

The Mouth of Truth? I've heard of it, but I've never seen it, not even in a movie. Well, okay... there is a photo of it (along with an explanation and an interesting legend) at:

Jeannelle said...

Hi Dale,

Thanks for the comment. (Are you my son-in-law?)

You really should watch "Roman Holiday".....its a fun movie and kind of a travelogue of Rome to boot.

Thanks for the link! Stop in again.

(It is difficult to find a "mouth of truth" in this day and age, isn't it.)

Country Girl said...

To celebrate Easter, I visited blogs like yours where people were actually doing things. I did this last night. We had no people over, my sons didn't even call, Jeannelle! And I refused to feel sorry for myself. The final blow came when my husband suggested we have chicken salad sandwiches . . . good heavens . . . for dinner!!! Regardless, Easter just wasn't what it used to be for me. I'm not complaining. I'm just stating facts. Thanks for writing about the holiday and making me feel good about it. Peace.

Egghead said...

What a lovely Easter celebration. Reminds me of my childhood where the women made the most wonderful cinnamon rolls to be eaten after the service. I love the "Roman Holiday". I hope you got some much deserved rest.

Mary Connealy said...

My post is gone? Maybe I did something wrong.
Anyway, I enjoyed the Easter update.

nannykim said...

I loved Roman Holiday--I haven't seen it for quite some time. Audrey Hepburn was such an interesting actress.

That is a shame about the time of church being so early!!

About the church ruin in my post--here is what it was:(ps. In answer to some questions--this was Prince Frederick's Episcopal church. It was founded in 1734, but the building was a gothic revival designed by louis J. Barbot and was completed in 1876 with a gift of $1711 by John Earle Allston. When rice planting declined, it fell into disrepair and was deemed unsafe. It was demolshished in 1966 leaving only the front wall and tower. It was put on the National Register of Historic places in 1974.)

Jeannelle said...

Nope....I don't think this Dale is my son-in-law....he bounced over from Sherry's blog, I believe.


Country Girl,

I had fun catching up on last's weeks beautiful photos on your blog!

Actually, chicken salad sounds pretty good.....even on Easter. If your day was peaceful, then that's something to be grateful for.

Thanks for dropping by!



I just love your theme of a family of eggs!! So cute!

Yes, I should be thankful for Easter traditions, even exhausting ones. There usually comes time for rest, whether its deserved or not.

Thanks for stopping in!



Did you mean you thought you left a comment for this post and now it is gone? I didn't see one before this one.

Hope you've had a pleasant "Easter Monday". Thanks for visiting!

Jeannelle said...


Thanks for the info about the church ruin. So they left just the front and bell tower standing, on purpose?? That seems strange, although its good they left something there, I guess. Makes for an interesting photo subject!