Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Enjoy Life's Mysteries

Believe me, I realize this is a strange-looking photo. I could ask if anyone out there in blogville knows what this is, but instead of being so annoying, here's the answer: Milkers in the wash vat.

Obviously, the photo has been edited to add a bit of color to an otherwise boring gray, silver, and black scene. I stare at these contraptions every day while they are being washed here in the stainless steel vat in the milkhouse. The vacuum pump does its vacuumy thing and causes the milkers to suck up the hot, soapy water over and over again, which then whisks its way through the milkline in the barn and then dumps back into the vat here, to be sucked up again, repeatedly. This goes on for about ten minutes-----then cold water is turned on and rinses out the milkers and milkline by the same vacuum process.

Anyhow, the other day I was standing there mesmerized by the rushing water and sounds and was thinking on an article I'd read recently about consciousness. The article theorized that possibly consciousness doesn't originate in the brain, but that the brain is a receptor for consciousness that exists outside of it. Similar to the milkers that are placed in the vat of water.......they aren't part of the water, but they take the water into themselves and make use of it. And while the water is inside the milker parts, you could consider it part of the milker........even though technically, its not. Someone seeing a narrow view of the milker full of water might think the water is part of the milker.......that is if they don't have a complete view of the entire wash operation. Which is comparable to us humans not having a complete view of what's going on in many aspects of our existence.

There, I'm revealing one of my deepest secrets.......if I suddenly found myself in college, I would study the mystery of consciousness. There's just a plethora of stuff we don't know about ourselves and the world we exist in. (Sorry....."plethora" was the Dr. Dictionary Word of the Day for today.) In the newspaper yesterday was an article about the construction of the Large Hadron Collider in Europe......a huge machine which will be used to study the miniscule particles that make up atoms. The article stated, "scientists hope that it will help them unlock some of the deepest, darkest secrets of the universe." Intriguing.......eh!!??

I think its totally, fantastically exciting that there's so much we don't know about EVERYTHING!! Knowing that we know so little should keep us all humble.

Revel in the mystery of your world today!!

While you are busy with that assignment, I will be contentedly reading magazines in the orthodontist's waiting room as my son gets his braces removed, a happily anticipated event for him.


Down on the Farm said...

Oh my Jeanelle, the latest entry is way too deep and introspective for this "Ol' Farmer Lady" so early in the morning. By the way, when I saw the picture, my first thought was that they were cream seperators. Maybe not to bad a guess for the uninitiated, right? I remember seeing an old fashioned cream seperator many, many years ago on the coast in California when I was a youngin'.

Have a wonderful day....Connie

Mary Connealy said...

I knew instantly... how sad is that. :)
What do you have that doctors up photos like this, Jeanelle? I can't do much fancy with photos, or maybe I can and just don't know how.

Sherry said...

Wow jeannelle, how deep can you get? Conscienceness is one of the least understood aspects to the brain I believe.It is indeed a fascinating subject. There is so much research being done. There is a question I am told as to whether our brains are 'wired' for God. That one totally intrigues me.

I wanted to thank you for all your comments. You needed have gone back and read everyting and left comments you know. Please accept my answers here, as best I can recall. I just hate trying to bring up pages all the time, it just takes me so long.

I have no idea when DSL will ever be available.Our closest town is Troy Mills which is not encorporated and has a population of around 300. So I would guess, no time soon. Our road has only 3 families living on it, another drawback.

Glad you like the autobiography. I'm enjoying doing it, and think I'm going to do maybe a post a week. Too fast, I miss too much. I sort of have to let it simmer a bit.

I sure do remember Hullabaloo. LOL. It's fun to remember those things.

I am enjoying the art a lot. It's just fun to go to the galleries every day and browse. I tend to feature more women, well for obvious reasons. I'd like to feature more native Americans as well.

I cannot tell you how enjoyable your blog is. It gets better almost daily it seems. And Plethora is one of my favorite words! LOL.

Jeannelle said...

Thanks for journeying this way and leaving your footprints!

Connie---Yes, a cream separator is quite close, really. I'm thankful we don't have to separate the cream from the milk before we sell it.


Mary---I figured you might know!!
My computer came with Microsoft software in it; one is a program for photo-editing....and it took me reading Country Girl's blog awhile for the light to dawn in my slow brain that there might be photo-editing software on my computer. But, its not Photoshop, the one that many people use.


Sherry----I thoroughly enjoyed catching up on your blog posts. Your blog is great exercise for my brain.....and I like the variety you offer.

"Shindig" was another dance show I used to watch with my cousin at Grandma's house....


As for the consciousness subject.....it is just simply fascinating, in my opinion!

nannykim said...

yeah, the world is so full of things to wonder about!! Things to fill us with wonder. My son sent me a link to a bunch of pictures from the Hubble Telescope that were so awesome---It is the grand big things, and the really tiny things that bring out so much of the awe of God!

Jeannelle said...

Hi nannykim,

How wonderful to always be filled with wonder!

Thanks for stopping in!

Russell said...

Yes - I remember so, so well!! We milked 45 black and whites when I was a kid. In fact, I almost became a full time dairy farmer - that was my big debate - dairy science or education...

I keep wanting to tell you - I love your cats! When I was on the farm (long, long ago in a place far, far away!) we had dozens of cats. Each one had a name! People were more amazed that we named every cat more than the fact we had so many!

Take care.

Country Girl said...

Jeannelle, I love the word plethora and I actually use it quite often. This post was very cerebral today and I actually had to read one paragraph twice!

You have got to enter the photo at top right in Miriam Lovell Dyer's Photo Assignment this week. It's on Point of View. I think it will be a good one to enter.

Her site is http://miriamlovell.blogspot.com/

I love what you did with the color in this picture! Pretty cool.