Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Chasing the Sunset

Yesterday was OK, but with alot of sitting around doing nothing in the waiting rooms of the orthodontist and the optometrist, reading or dozing while my son had his appointments. He's ecstatic to be rid of the braces, and to be able to see the world more clearly.

Last evening, I needed to run up to the convenience store in our little town to fill Son's pickup with fuel (he can't drive there yet with just his school permit). I also remembered I needed to stop by at church and pick up Sunday School teaching materials for subbing next weekend. That led me to also remember to take along a couple sacks of pop cans to put in the can wagon in front of our Lutheran School, which is, of course, next to the church. The schoolkids collect cans for the refunds as an ongoing fundraiser. Church members and others leave their returnable pop and beer containers in the wagon, each can or bottle being worth a nickel or dime, which adds up to thousands of dollars of needed funding for the school each year.

Anyway, as I tip-toed through the mud to toss the sacks in the can wagon, I happened to look up and see this sight of the blackbirds on stark tree branches, outlined against the sky next to the steeple. And, guess what......my camera was with me! Hooray! The steeple cross is facing west toward the setting sun.

A little while later, after spending $73 on fuel (gr-r!) at the convenience store, I was headed south on the highway toward home. Glancing to the west, I saw the sun setting in flaming majesty......this photo in no way does justice to the scene. Hurriedly, I pulled off on the shoulder to snap the photo, hoping no one would see me and think.......she's on her way to Crazyville again!

As the old pickup tolerated my jerky version of the manual shifting into first, second, third......I tried to keep watching the sun's show, and steer safely.......and then turned west onto the next gravel road to attempt to catch a photo shot at the moment when the glowing orb of the sun was perfectly round.......like a "red, rubber ball".......and, no, Cliff Richard's song was not serendipitously playing on the radio at that moment. HOWEVER, during my chase of the rapidly evolving sunset scene, THIS song was playing on the pickup's crackly radio.........."Sunset Grill" by Don Henley! I'm not kidding.

I missed the shot I wanted, and the ones I did get were blurry. My goodness, the sun's descent seems to speed up in those last few moments of sunset! Isn't that just the way life is sometimes.......you see something you truly want, and poof!, its gone before you can get it in your grasp. And so, for a chance to catch a perfectly round setting sun on photo, I repine. "Repine" is the Dr. Dictionary word for today........I've decided to attempt to use each day's word in that day's blog post. We'll see if it works out or not.......and if I remember to do it or not.

Hey, there you go.......try to use a new word today......either in speaking or writing.


Russell said...

Beautiful photos. I love the sunset!! The one with the black birds, trees and church steeple is quite, quite good, too.... That one is extremely good really... I love the light on the cross - makes it stand out. Almost angelic.

I laughed at your gas purchase - laughed WITH you not at you..!! I, too, can relate. We have a 3/4 ton truck that drinks up gas like water. A $73 fill up is no longer a shock - it is still disgusting but not a shock. I remember the first time I went over $40 on a fill - I told everyone about it and how awful it was! Were those the good old days??

Take care.

Sherry said...

Jeannelle, you are becoming one fine photographer. I am truly enjoying your photos and not so many so I can actually download. Pioneer woman, I have nearly given up on. I can only read the feeds, and can't bring up any since the 21st.

Aren't the gas prices horrid? That's the main reason we went to shopping by month, to save on gas.

Mary Connealy said...

the pictures are wonderful, Jeanelle. Have you ever tried to sell them or enter them in photo contests, I'll bet there are Iowa Life, Rural life, Who Knows What Kinda Life, magazines that would be interested.

Patricia said...

Lovely photographs, Jeanelle, and so nice to meet you. =) I'm glad that you stumbled onto Pollywog Creek and hope you will come back again soon. We have much in common. Blessings!

Country Girl said...

Oh, you've GOT to enter this photo at Miriam's, ok? All you do is go to her site, and scroll down until you find the Photo Assignment #4 post. Then you leave a link to your photo and say a sentence about it.

Wow. Look at that rose on Patricia's picture above. I'm going to have to go check that out.

Jeannelle said...

Thanks you all for stopping by and commenting! Welcome, Patricia!

Country Girl, thanks for reminding me about the photo assignments....I missed #3, and will now go check on #4.