Saturday, September 27, 2008

Walkin' In Pella

Now its time to marcheren across Franklin Street and lopen around in the Pella Town Square Park. Right in the corner is this information center built in the windmill style, of course!
Centered along the south side of the park is this towering tribute to "Tulip Time", which refers to the famous Tulip Festival held every year in "tulip time", of course! Below this Tulip Tower is a stage surrounded by a circular area of seating. The coat of arms at the top presumably represents Holland/The Netherlands.
In the center of the town square park is this sundial:

Click the photo to enlarge it and read how the sundial works:

Throughout the park were gorgeous flower beds! Perhaps someone can enlighten me as to the name of the plant above, with its showy orange blooms and unique variegated leaves.

From the vantage point of the park, the buildings along Franklin Street look thus:


Ah, last, I spy the Jaarsma Bakery! Before leaving Pella, a stop there is essential!


And, to be fair........there is another bakery in town.......Vander Ploeg's. I once perused a Pella phone book. It is filled with names beginning with Van or Vander, along with many ending in --sma. Either of those prefixes or the suffix could be added to my last name----or YOUR last name----and our names would sound authentically Dutch! Especially, too, if we slipped our feet into some clompen......wooden shoes!


Actually, I think I can safely claim a tiny bit of Dutch ancestry, for in my family tree is the name Van Amburg! Hooray! But, even if you know that song, "Walkin' in Memphis"? Here's one of the verses:

"Now Muriel plays piano

Every Friday at the Hollywood

And they brought me down to see her

And asked me if I would

Do a little number

And I sang with all my might

And she said

"Tell me......are you a Christian, child?"

And I said...... "Ma'am, I am tonight!"


Yup........I was Dutch that day........"Walkin' in Pella"!!

Or lopen in Pella......or marcheren in Pella!!



In the background of this post's final photo is the Scholte House Museum, with its brand-new Lincoln exhibit. We'll be headed there next time........




rhymeswithplague said...

Mit all dot marcheren und lopen und klompen going on, Ja!, I certainly do feel Deutsch, er, Dutch, this morning!

Moscht schinscherely,

Ich Bin Vanderrhymenningsmitplaguesma

rhymeswithplague said...

I am so out of touch that I have never heard of "Walkin' in Memphis," but I googled it and discovered there are Marc Cohn lyrics, Bruce Springsteen lyrics, Cher lyrics, and Dave Matthew Band lyrics. Cher's has "Gabriel" instead of "Muriel" and "Man" instead of "Ma'am." How could I have missed this song?

Anyway, I'm writing this second comment to say that in light of the great photography and excellent accompanying text and the way in which you ended the post, I think you ought to consider changing the post's title to "Walkin' in Pella."

Pat - Arkansas said...

Another great Pella tour, Jeannelle!

The orange flower with variegated foliage is a variety of canna lily. It's really pretty.

I found the information about the sundial very interesting. I like the idea of "exact solar time."

Jeannelle said...


Oh, what a name you came up with!! My goodness!

And, yes, I like your post title better and am going to change it. I had put the title up there first, and happened to think of including the song later, and then never thought to connect the two. Thanks! I've always liked that song for some reason.....because it tells a story, I guess.


Hi, Pat!

Thank you for the flower info! And, now I realize it does resemble the cannas I'm more familiar with.....that have green foliage and red blooms.

Have a great Saturday!

Anonymous said...

Jeanelle, what an interesting post about Pella. I feel like an armchair (computer chair?) tourist. And it's a neat concept that the sundial tells the real time as compared to a clock. Dairymary

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

Jeannelle, I've really enjoyed the visits to Pella.

I like that song too. Now it's running through my head.

Did you buy anything at the bakery?

rhymeswithplague said...

Pat and Jeannelle, the whole world was on solar time until the railroads expanded westward across the American continent. The conductors had to change their watches to local time in every town the train passed through. It became such a bother that as more towns were built and transportation became faster and faster, someone came up with the idea of "time zones." And since the earth was roughly 25,000 miles in circumference, 24 zones approximately 1000 miles wide covered the 24 hours of the day. I believe these "zones" were created in the late 1800's.

I do think this is true. I don't think I am making it up. I'll have to go read Old Wiki to check the facts, though.

DesertHen said...

I have enjoyed my trip to Pella through your photos............=) It is a very, very interesting place........the sun dial info is just so cool.

Egghead said...

My mother grows those canna lilies. I want to go to that bakery...lovely post again. I have enjoyed this so much. Thanks Jeanelle.

Jeannelle said...

Goodness.....I forgot to check back on this comment list:

dairymary, ruth, rhymsie, deserthen, egghead:

Thanks for walkin' along with me in Pella! At the bakery I bought Dutch letters, puff pillows, almond sticks, cream-filled bismarcks......and one nutritious item: wheat bread.