Saturday, September 26, 2009

Roller-Coaster Day

26th008 Its been one of those days. My mood on a roller coaster. Up high---like the hawk on the post, and then, KA-THUNK, back down to the ground……like Gray the Cat.

25th034 Good thing I don’t spend much time around other people; they would surely become mighty annoyed with me.


The photos in this post have no meaning or purpose at all; they just happened to have been taken this morning, during one of my up moments. Shortly thereafter, and entirely due to fault of my own, my state of mind plummeted. (Think Wile E. Coyote free-falling over one of those many cliffs.) If you actually were here with me, you would most certainly agree…, that it was my own fault, and it was annoying. Good thing you are not here. Be glad… very glad.

Hopefully, you are having a pleasant Saturday!



Anonymous said...

I love the way you capture color with your camera! These are lovely fall shots. It is cooling off here too, these last few days. Dairymary

Gail said...

I love the door! I love them all. If being in a low mood causes these beautiful photos, stay there a while.

Just kidding! Hope you are better soon. Some days just kick you in the pants for no reason, tomorrow will be better.

Do something special just for you. You deserve it!

sjm said...

The door is awesome! Of course, the cornfield and the light on Gray are great, too!

Moods are indeed something we have to work through (or get through)!

Virtual hugs coming your way...

Anonymous said...

You poor thing. Sugar does that you know... LOL

The Blue Ridge Gal

Mary said...

I work so hard every day to ward off the ups and downs every day. I feel like I climb mountains. But I do okay. You are not alone. We all have those moments. Pretty sunshine on the corn. And I love that door!

alphabet soup said...

Great photos yesterday and I liked the different frames around them, especially the one that looked as if it was hanging on your wall.

Love that grey cat, though she looks as if she doesn't take any nonsense from anyone!!

Glad to see you back posting..

Ms Soup

Leenie said...

You've got a good eye for light and composition. It is not easy to see and capture such beauty in ordinary things. As for mood swings: hang in there, it happens to all of us, especially at the time when the kids are flying out of the nest. So hard to let them go, and you so want them to have their own bright life. Plus all the other things that can pull you in all directions. Hope your Sunday is more peaceful. Keep posting!

Reamus said...

Farm Wife,

Welcome back. Thanks for the lovely photos. I like the door, whetever it means,

Be well.

Country Girl said...

I did not have a pleasant Saturday, Jeannelle. And I'll tell you what:

Although I'm sorry you had a roller-coaster of a day, I feel less alone about mine. I felt exactly the same way, except it was more down than up! What is up with that?

I was even considering taking one of my husband's old xanax pills. But I didn't.

Hope today is better. For both of us.

And I like the door photo.

Carolina Trekker said...

Don't be hard on's hard on Mom when kids are around home every day and then go off to college. Silence IS NOT Golden. After I shut his bedroom door and locked it and stopped wandering in and out of there that helped. They are gone so quick...bummer.
Our son was 4-1/2 hours away at Virginia Tech. As I remember it got easier after we visited that first time. He'll be forty this year. He lives in Charlotte, NC and I still miss him terribly.

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

Sending you a cyber-hug. I hope today is better.

Sempringham said...

Okay, I've spent the last 30 minutes connecting the dots on that door, and you know what I got?

Nothin'. Looks like somebody practicing the Palmer Method.

All the same, it was a fantastic photograph before I scribbled all over it.

On a different subject entirely, I'll bet you "Ruth's Visions and Revisions" gets an all time high number of hits today.

Depressions really chew, don't they? Hope you're out of it soon.

Caution/Lisa said...

I think the door picture is very artistic. The handle is my favorite part.

Welcome back to blogland. Hope you soon begin to have more ups than downs.

Add my hugs and to all the others coming your way.