Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Toy Kitchen

I had almost forgotten how fast babies grow.  Over the weekend, I found out that my 14 and 15-month-old granddaughters are already enjoying cooking and baking.  Recently, while on an archeological dig in the upstairs storeroom I had unearthed this 20-year-old toy kitchen ensemble.  Warms my heart to remember how excited my toddler daughter was as she ripped the Christmas wrap from it all those years ago.  This kitchen was so modern…..it even had a cordless phone!     

DSC_0003   I can recall spying this kitchen set in the store and thinking, “Wow, a whole kitchen in one compact piece.  It won’t take up much space in the already cluttered playroom (which usually was the living room).”  Yes, this toy received much use back then, but hardly appears worse for the wear…although, the oven no longer has a back due to children crawling into it to sit….and bake, apparently.  And, no, my children’s names are not Hansel and Gretel.

Though not shown in the photo, there exists a tote full of toy dishes, silverware, pans, and food.  Yes, food….hilarious fake food of the plastic variety.  Cracks me up just to look at it!

toy food

     Permanently on the menu are four pizza slices and a grilled hamburger, complete with lettuce, tomato, and sesame seed bun!   

toy food (1) C’mon over for lunch!


Trisha said...

I remember my play kitchen - it was actually metal! Can you imagine?? There was certainly no cordless phone on that set.

Knowing that kids still enjoy the same things (even though a bit updated) certainly warms the heart!

Jeannelle said...

I played with a metal kitchen set when I was a kid, too! It had three pieces...a sink, a stove, and a fridge. Thanks for the memory and the comment.

DesertHen said...

My son and daughter had the exact same play kitchen! They loved that thing! When we passed it on, it was still it pretty good shape!

Victor said...

While a kitchen for a child is not an entirely new concept, it seems that kids prefer the time-tested ideas over and above all of the new fangled "toy of the moment" ideas - and there are always plenty of those that come out. The truth is, that a child loves to imitate mom and dad more than anything else in the world, so a toy kitchen is a great gift that children of all sexes will enjoy getting involved with.
toy kitchen