Wednesday, September 21, 2011


SURPRISE… photo today.  You’ll have to put up with just text. 

My blog has been running on auto-pilot since last Thursday when we received some unexpected sad news of a death in the extended family.  That led to receiving news that we would have visitors over the weekend which led me into a temporary panic, realizing I must get busy with cooking and housecleaning---pronto!  Before commencing that, however, I created five blogposts to fill my blog until today.  Then I unearthed the vacuum cleaner and some dust rags and for a couple hours became a virtual housecleaning whirlwind.  After that I lost myself in the kitchen, making a big batch of cinnamon rolls, a dessert, a casserole, tapioca pudding, and caramel dip.  Then I headed outdoors and picked apples and raspberries.  Needless to say, I was ready to hit the hay as soon as the sun set.

Having all that cooking and cleaning done ahead of time allowed me to relax and enjoy babysitting my granddaughter on Friday.  On the weekend was the funeral home visitation---an event I dislike immensely.  I need to tell my family NOT to schedule one when I kick the bucket.  I’m not keen on the idea of people shuffling by and gawking down at me lying in state.  I’ll spare everyone from suffering through the awkwardness of wondering what to say to my grieving family, plus they can save money by not ordering flower arrangements and plants to keep my casket company.  (Of course, it could be that I’m wrong-headed about all of this and am simply a rather grouchy and unsociable person.  Could be.)  

The funeral itself was fine and fortunately the day’s weather was sunny and pleasant, a needed mood-brightener at such a time.  Following the funeral service inside the church, we walked out to the cemetery for the graveside committal.  (Maybe I’ll have just a committal service when I die---they are very meaningful, I think.)  Before going to the church basement for the lunch, we meandered amongst old gravestones, stopping at those chiseled with our family’s name, discussing each one’s place in the family tree.

After plenty of good food and fellowship at the funeral lunch, we came back home and took a stroll out to the pumpkin patch with our toddler granddaughter.   We smiled as she pointed to each pumpkin and said, “ball”, and then she and her parents picked out a few to take home.

Today, I am feeling kind of sad and very tired in body and mind, but the house is still fairly clean, so that’s a definite plus!         

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Gail said...

My Hubby does not want people looking at him either...he wants a simple graveside fare thee well with a closed casket.

I want to be cremated and scattered in the Rock Hollow here at the farm.

There is just something spooky about people showing up that you haven't seen in years to pay homage to a dead body. The person, when alive, would have enjoyed the company more.