Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Bee Balm

The Bee Balm is blooming already.  It has unconventional flowers and foliage that smells wonderful!


The above photo is oddly-shaped because I cropped it to use as a background on the laptop computer screen.

June 26 This Bee Balm does not grow wild on our farm.  We purchased it years ago.  Other names for this plant are Bergamot and Monarda.


Ruth Hiebert said...

Great pictures. The Hummingbirds love these flowers.

Judy said...

As Ruth said...if you want to attract hummingbirds, plant Bee Balm. Pretty too!

Anonymous said...

I do love the bee balm! Great pictures.

Ms. Becky said...

These are great shots, the color is delicious. I hope you're getting some rain there - it's been since early May when we last had measurable rainfall, and again the heat has returned. It seems it's either feast or famine. I've been watering every single day and I'm happy I live on the shores of a great lake. I only wish some water would fall from the skies one of these days. happy week to you Jeannelle.

Gail said...

Dad planted this years ago here and it does very well.

Love those shots.

DesertHen said...

What an interesting flower!