Monday, November 16, 2020

Pampas Grass

On Friday morning, Husband needed more parts so he asked me to go get them.  I didn't even think of taking the camera.  On the way home I saw this patch of pampas-type grass which might have been interesting to take a picture of.  Oh, well, I had no camera. 
After lunch, Husband asked me to go back to town because he needed more parts.  An oddity for sure that I would be sent to get parts twice in one day.  Well, it gave me the opportunity to stop and photograph the grass.  It probably isn't pampas grass, but it looks somewhat similar.

Have a wonderful day!
Stay safe and well!


Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

I've been using my cell phone camera more often than my regular camera these days just for the convenience of it and sometimes I am amazed by how nice the photos come out on it. I love the wild grasses this time of year, especially when they are framed by a bright blue sky as they are in your pretty photo.

Jeannelle said...

Thank you for your comment, Pat! My problem is I don't have a smart phone. I agree they take great photos.

Sarah said...
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Rebeca said...

Hey Jeannelle, let me drop my heartwarming thanks to you for this loving post. We are lucky that your husband asked you 2nd time to go back to town to grab more parts. Sure we would miss this beautiful pampas grass. I have to admit I always keep thirst for making my room and especial events colorful with grass decor , particularly pampas grass decor. Anyway, love the way you gifted the beauty to us.