Thursday, October 30, 2008

Turbines & Football

Around sunset last evening I passed by a wind farm along Highway 218 on the way to my son's substate football game. The turbines are intriguing eyecatchers.......this is the first time I've ever seen them silhouetted at dusk. Sorry for the blurriness of the pictures.

And, hey......we won the game! In the first half we built up a commanding lead which carried us successfully through the rather ugly second half. As Russell of Iowa Grasslands blog (Click the link to see a very cool post!) mentioned in a comment on the previous post, the high school play-offs in Iowa were expanded this year to allow more teams to participate. Thus the reason this game was referred to as a "substate" contest. The expansion is good for the smaller classes.....8-man, A, 1A, 2A, because of the numbers of teams in those divisions. But, in the larger classes of 3A and 4A, it means that the majority of teams will make the playoffs, despite having losing records in some cases. My daughter teaches at a 4A school and she said 5 of the 6 teams in their district are in the playoffs, which she thinks is a bit ridiculous.

After the game, I grabbed a late supper at an Arby's drive-through and headed back east on Highway 18, listening to a replay of the game on an AM radio station. It was fun and interesting to hear the play-by-play, but eventually the station retreated into the ocean of static. I rolled the radio dial around, landing on a late-evening religious broadcast. Oh, made me feel young again to hear the self-proclaimed prophet speaking intensely about things to come. He said we are now in the Night of the began around 500 years ago, when the U.S. began its rise. (Everything's about us.) The Night is almost over........what needs to happen now is prophesied in Zechariah chapter 14, verses 12 and onward.......the speaker said this passage refers to a nuclear war, which must take place before the Day of the Lord can dawn when WE righteous people will be drawn up into the clouds to watch the evil people be destroyed. Then WE, the sons of God, will return to earth to be the rulers. And......he repeatedly promised, "This WILL happen in YOUR lifetime!" It was such a joy to hear this message that I almost detoured to Independence, where I could have begged to be admitted to the Mental Health Institute. Thank goodness for words of wisdom wafting over the airwaves to bring enlightenment during the darkness of night!
Happy I am, of course, that the airwaves in this country can be used to disseminate all kinds of teachings. Its good to hear many, many ideas, and get a handle on what people are thinking about. The other day during lunch, Husband and I turned the TV to a religious station which is rather fuzzy, but does come in at times. The show right then was an interview with an author who's just written a book containing teachings similar to what I heard on the radio broadcast. Husband, who usually brushes off any comments I make about End Times prophecies, listened attentively to this TV show. He told me this morning that he has finally made up his mind who to vote for, and it was this TV show which convinced him. I didn't ask him who's he's voting for, though.
Now......Husband has just asked me to go pick up netwrap for the round baler. Once the corn is done being combined here today, we will make round bales for bedding from the cornstalk debris left in the fields. Anyhow.......the town where I'm going to get the netwrap has a historical site and I might stop there quick to snap a few photos! Very makes the trip worthwhile!!
Have a wonderful day!


Dr.John said...

I stand with Luther on the end times. He said simply " The christian is called to live as if today will be the last day before the trumpet blows.

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

Amen to what Dr. John said.

I love the turbine photos. And I laughed at your comment, "It's always about us." American Christianity can be a bit self-centered, can't it?

Laura ~Peach~ said...

i love the photos blur and all they are just beautiful ... Have fun today I can't wait to see what you come up with next!

Pat - Arkansas said...

That's lovely color in the turbine photos, Jeannelle. I've not seen them (turbines) personally, but they appear to be huge.

Congrats to your DS's football team.

DesertHen said...

Love the color you captured in the photos.....wind turbines are fascinating to see up close.

Congrats to your son and the football team.....=)

Anonymous said...

Jeannelle, so glad you won the game! I have to admit that we watch religious channels sometimes, but mostly for the laugh factor. Jack Van Impe is great. He and Roxella have been talking about the end for like 30 years now. Every week, it's just around the corner. LOL. I agree we should live as if today is the last day!

I am surprised that you don't know how your husband is going to vote. I can't imagine that in our household, we discuss politics every day. I'm getting so excited. I hear tell that that terrible King may well win re-election in the House. I guess the Dem there just had nothing going for him. Pity, King was such an easy knockoff, given his national press for his outrageous statements about nearly everything.

As always, your posts cover a lot of ground!

Jeannelle said...

dr. john, there room for me to stand there by you and Dr. Luther! That is one thing I like about the Lutherans....they are not into the End Times stuff. I was raised with it, and was so surprised and relieved to find that Lutheran doctrine contains no such teachings....except for what you quoted from Luther. I worry about people who get caught up in the stuff like I was hearing on the radio last night.



Yes....double Amen! I read somewhere that U.S. Christianity is the only place where these End Times beliefs have a foothold.



Thank you always for your cheerful comments!



Yes, the turbines are very tall....I wish I knew right off the bat how tall, but they are way up there!



Thank you for stopping in! I bought more condensed milk today to make more caramel apples!



I once listened to Jack Van Impe in person in Waterloo...years ago. Good grief. Yes, they keep preaching the same stuff decade after decade. But, some of them seem to be adding new stuff...the rapture is being morphed into some spiritual transformation thing. People probably think I'm crazy, but this stuff is scary when people are really serious about it.

I think I know who my husband is voting for. The TV program was an eye-opener for him....he was rather shocked at what the guy was saying. He'll listen to a TV show sooner than he'll listen to me! LOL