Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Weary, Worn, and Leaning


Here are a few photos from my amble down the dirt road on Sunday afternoon. Sunny, warm, and beautiful was the day!

Here are some dried-up, spent Queen Anne’s lace bundles. There were scads of them lining the ungraded roadway.

014 (2) They may appear used up and worn out, but they surely make great subjects for photos……in my opinion, anyway. The one above almost looks like a bird’s nest.

036 Aw, this next scene is sweet……”Lean On Me, Dearest”, it seems to say. Yeah, sure, go right ahead and do that if necessary. Never mind the fact that these two bundle-heads simply fell together at random due to their existence as neighbors there along the roadside.

034 (2)

I hope you are having a super day. Sorry to blog and run, but the lawn tractor is calling my name…..



Mary said...

Jeannelle, my favorite in this group is the one that looks like a bird nest. Amazing how you capture such beauty with a lens, ordinary things that we probably would never notice.

Trish said...

simply lovely my dear! I too love how you can capture the beauty in simplicity!

Leenie said...

Best of luck with that lawn tractor. Enjoyed the walk down the road even though the trees are gone. Hope you have all your crops stashed and plenty of hay for the herd.

Pat - Arkansas said...

Your eye has a definite ability to see beauty in ordinary things, and your camera is doing a super job of recording them. Wonderful shots!

rhymeswithplague said...

I would say that with the exception of that Pike's Peak diversion, you are definitely in your "back to nature, close-up and personal" period.

Sempringham said...

Great pictures, Jeannelle.

If there are any very rich readers out there, looking for a place to spend money wisely, buy this lady a macro lens. She'll make good use of it!

As for your cynical comment, if He takes care of the sparrows, He might take care of Queen Anne's lace, too. I liked your caption, but am betting it's a short-term romance.

Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

Great photos! This Ozark farm chick mows on Thursdays, I call it Thrasher Thursday and I truly enjoy mowing. It's just one of my may compulsions. Can I help it is I like my grass EVEN?

I enjoyed my read on your blog today, so glad I dropped in. Ya'll have just a wonderfully blessed day!!!

Trisha said...

and when the lawn tractor calls . . . you simply can't ignore the darn thing!

Flea said...

Those are absolutely beautiful. I need to get out more often. We have the tiny wild sunflowers popping up all over town right now. I love them.