Thursday, February 24, 2011

Ice Jewels

A rummage through my photo files for something containing wintery color produced this picture of ice-jeweled red leaves from several years ago.  Since it may have been used already on the blog, for visual interest I added the very unnatural extrusion effect.

icy red leaves Just realized I forgot to blog yesterday.  There’s a good excuse for that---one of those dreaded dental appointments was on my schedule.  It really wasn’t so bad, though, for the dentist ended the check-up by announcing, “No cavities!”  Those were words I loved to hear when I was a kid and could proudly carry my dentist-signed dental card back to school so the teacher could staple it up on the bulletin board with all the others.  Do they even do that anymore?

1 comment:

DesertHen said...

Wild color! What a fun effect!

I don't like the dentist either! =/