Friday, February 25, 2011

Paint by Number

Here’s another photo from a couple years ago, with a Photoshop alteration applied:

Ice079 Its something called a “cutout” effect which gives the scene a paint-by-number look, especially noticeable when the photo is enlarged.  Does anyone remember doing paint-by-numbers?  I wonder if they are still on the market.


DesertHen said...

I did a lot of paint by numbers as a kid...mostly of horses because I was horse crazy! I have seen a few kits at craft stores, but not as many available as their used to be.

What a fun effect. It looks like smooth, glassy ice!

Snowing here today! About 5 inches so far and the wind is blowing so it is starting to drift.

~Mad said...

I enjoyed Pain By Numbers as a child of the 50s - like DesertHen, mostly horses. Isn't that funny?

Now I have a renewed interest in jigsaw stretches my sometimes feeble bran.

Take care,
~Mad(elyn) in Alabama

Anonymous said...


That would be PAINT!!!!!

~Mad(elyn) in Alabama