Friday, February 18, 2011

Scribbled Quilt

Too bad I ever discovered that Photoshop distortion feature.  Its all I want to do  now and somehow harks my thoughts back to elementary school days when I’d receive report card checkmarks in the “makes poor use of time” category.   Admittedly, yes, I’d often while away precious study time by scribbling random drawings on notebook covers and margins.  Though teachers didn’t appreciate the habit much, doodling didn’t seem to prevent me from finishing assignments and getting good grades.

checkered quilt wave The above mishmash started out as this checkered quilt photo:

quilt 004 Go ahead and doodle away the time, I say!


Gail said...

Now, if you could piece a quilt that looked like the first one, that nine patch would win at the fair!

Pat - Arkansas said...

Ahh! But you're creating art!

DesertHen said...

I too am a doodler...which also makes me a dwadler as Neat photo. =)